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1. To engage the starter with the ring-gear on the engine before the starter is turned on. IE to "pre-engage" it.

2. To turn the starter on once it is Engaged.

This prevents/reduces damage to the gear-teeth on both the starter and the ring gear.

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Q: Two functions of a solenoid fitted to a pre engaged starter motor?
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My vauxhall astra estate 97 just had new starter motor and new ignition drove car for 15 miles had major electrical failure now fitted new alternator still same problem help?

The clicking sound is the solenoid on the starter. Either your battery is very dead, or the positive cable going to the starter is in very bad shape, or the solenoid/ or starter is no good. not much to go wrong here.

Why is it necessary for a pre-engaged starter motor to be fitted with a one-way clutch drive for the pinion?

stop cheating on your phase test level 2 or im tellin

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Baffles in the fuel tank are fitted in order to?

Ford fiesta and it won't start i got a new starter motor but it still won't start what could it be?

Could be heater plugs if its a diesel or maybe the battery. Check the earth (ground) cables between the engine and body for cleanliness and security of connection. Turn the ignition key, you should hear the starter solenoid 'click'. If it does, the cable from the battery to the starter is a fused link, connect a starter cable between the battery and starter motor solenoid and try to start. If there is no 'click' the fault is either the ignition switch or the wiring from the solenoid to it. If the car is automatic it should only start in Park (P) and Neutral (N). check the operation of the gearbox start inhibit switch. If an aftermarket alarm is fitted check the security and cleanliness of the wiring connections, especially the immobilizer circuit.

Where is the starter motor located and what does it look like?

Most starter motors are located in the bell housing. They mesh with the ring gear fitted to the engines flywheel. Starter motors are cylindrical in shape and are about 9" in length

Where is the starter motor relay fitted on a Mazda 626?

what year? possibly located on the firewall, or on the wheel well

When you turn the key nothing happens not even a click New battery fitted new starter motor fitted Electrical problem any ideas?

Possibly the ignition switch is defective.

What could cause my Suzuki swift 1.3 sohc 95 to click but not turn over have fitted a new battery and recon starter and solenoid.?

Defective starter (brand new broke) Is in gear (try in neutral) Seized engine (can you turn it by hand? Does a new engine help?) Seized accessory (try removing belts) Hydraulic lock (fuid in cylinder, try removing spark plugs)

Is it safe to keep pressing the starter button on an electric hot water heater to start it?

Starter button ? - you must have a very strange heater, they normally heat automatically when power is on, and I have fitted hundreds and NEVER seen a 'starter button'

New starter motor fitted to impreza wrx but still clicks?

Try and turn the Impreza engine over by hand. The engine could be locked up and not let the starter turn it over.

You have lost all trip computer functions after fitting a new radio CD player How do you fix this?

The fitted CD player has a CAN-Bus interface built in for remote control and speed volume adjust. If a third party CD/Radio is fitted, these functions are lost, along with the trip computer. It will not damage the trip computer.

It is strange that we have brand new starter motors fitted to our boat in the last 2 months and both have failed after about 20 starts mechanic says starter motors are faulty what do you?

Your mechanic has the starters in his hand. How can a website know more than he?

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