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Q: Two cars are traveling a distance of 10 miles One car travels at 35 mph and the other car travels at 45 mph How much sooner did the 45 MPH car arrive than the 35 MPH ca?
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How often does oil need topping up?

Only when it is down to the add line on the dipstick. On a new car that could be never (oil change time before you need to add), on some trucks I've driven it was daily. Get to know your car, start by check the oil every 1000 miles, if it is all set, move up to 2000 miles, if it is low, top it off and check sooner next time.

Bank will not repo your sons car it has been in your garage for over a year you have call them many times and they keep telling me that the repo man will show up?

How about giving it to your son to keep at his house? If he lives with you, let him drive it until the bank does repossess it. I would guess that is to the advantage of both of you. He still has a car to drive without borrowing yours. But certainly, if payments aren't made the repo man WILL come sooner or later. Enjoy the car while you have it!

What to do if car uses dex cool with steel seal?

I wouldn't suggest it. Dexcool is a completely different, long lasting coolant exclusive to GM vehicles. Dexcool's anti corrosive properties do not vibe well with, what I believe, is the Ethylene Glycol base that steel seal mixed with in suspension in order to seal your head and other cooling areas. Granted I don't think it would make a huge deal if you did it, but shorten your maintenence time, flush your engine sooner than you normally would.

Why isn't my car accelerating in drive?

Well, since your question is so vague as to the type of car, type of transmission, I can only speculate you are having some sort of a transmission problem. If it is a automatic more than likely it will have to be completely removed and rebuilt or replaced with a working unit. Automatics have disc in them that rub together to transfer the power from the engine to the differential. Typically they wear out, sooner without having the transmission fluid regularly. If it is a manual, it is cheaper and easier to repair. There is a good chance that it just needs a new clutch disc and maybe pressure plate and throw-out bearing. They are much cheaper and easier to replace as typically the transmission does not have to be completely removed from the vehicle, and can be done by the owner with moderate to strong handyman abilities.

What happens if you don't renew your license plate sticker?

If you fail to renew your vehicle registration, you are driving an unregistered vehicle. That's a violation of the vehicle code in every state. You can be cited, and, if the "lapse" is severe, you can have your vehicle towed away and impounded. That costs big, big bucks. Your new registration, when you go get it, will come at a penalty. You will be given a "late fee" at the motor vehicles department. And that's if you haven't gotten a ticket to motivate you to do it sooner. The ticket may or may not cost you money, but you'll certainly pay more for a "late registration" than you would have if you'd been on time. But there are other problems. If you have an accident while "between registrations" as it were, your headaches will greatly increase. Insurance may not cover you in a situation like this. And that makes it very important that you get a new sticker ASAP. Certainly law enforcement officers hand out tickets by the handful to folks who have let their registrations lapse, but don't be one of them. Work at keeping things current. It is cheaper and a lot less of a hassle to do so. And you can avoid some major headaches (read: consequences) by taking care of business as required. Good luck covering all the bases.

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What is an example of a sentence using the word sooner?

I'd rather arrive sooner than later. Their boat is scheduled to arrive sooner than ours. I'd like to take the same schooner as Mrs. Spooner because it will arrive sooner.

How is mail classified?

Mail is classified by the time it takes it to arrive to its destination. All mail starts with First Class, if a letter needs to arrive sooner Priority or Overnight classifications are used.

What do you use in a sentence after no sooner?

The idiomatic phrase "no sooner" is used with a verb and "than" in the context of "immediately thereafter." The word whenshould not be used.Example:No sooner had I called the police than the party completely dispersed.I had no sooner unpacked than the bellboy informed me that I had to change rooms.This stems from the more formal use, e.g, Your order will arrive no sooner than next week.

Why do you hear thunder after a bolt of lightning?

Because sound travels slower than light, the closer you are to the lightning the sooner you hear the thunder.

Why do you hear tunder sound after lightning explain?

because sound travels slower than light, the you are to the lightning the sooner you hear the thunder..

How soon after taking misorostal 200 should i expect your period?

A period should arrive somewhere between six to eight weeks. Since every woman is different, it could arrive sooner than that, or later than that.

When is Santa due to arrive in Northern Ireland?

Santa will be in Ireland a little before midnight. But he's making good time tonight, so he could be there sooner!

What is expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is a rushed form of shipping which arrives much sooner than standard shipping. It allows for packages to arrive earlier at an increased cost.

What was the traveling time from Egypt to the Promised Land had the children not been disobedient?

It would have taken a couple of months by the route they took, or sooner by a more direct route.

How long does it take to ship USPS from san Diego ca to Ohio?

With priority shipping, they guarantee that it will arrive within 3 days. It may arrive sooner, but this is guaranteed. You can also purchase two day shipping or one day overnight at a much greater expense.

How do you find wailmer in Pokemon diamond?

Go to the Fight area and run right. you will arrive at a shore, fish there with a super rod and u wil find a wailmer sooner or later

How long does it take mail to be delivered from Tallahassee Florida to Atlanta Georgia?

The maximum amount of time will be three days. It will probably arrive a lot sooner, within a day or two.

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