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A transmission that stumble upon acceleration between 2nd and 3rd gear may need to be flushed. Another possible cause is that the torque converter is locking when shifting between gears.

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Q: Transmission stumbles upon acceleration between 2nd and 3rd gear?
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Why does my Toyota Tercel 1995 160000 km automatic transmission sometimes jump out of gear during acceleration?

I posted this question, as it turns out the auto transmission just needed a good service, it hasn't jumped out of gear since the service, and is even changing gear smoother.

What does L means in the transmission lever?

it means low gear, its like first or second gear, its for lower speeds, and higher torque, fast acceleration, low top speed essentially

Does a 4l60e transmission have a kick down cable?

No. It has a solenoid, no cable or rod. It drops a gear under heavy acceleration from a signal from TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) to TCM Transmission Control Module)

How fast does a 2.5 hp engine go?

This depends on what it is in, how big the tires are, how much you way, if it has a transmission and what kind of gearing you gave. Say it is in a mini bike with a single speed, you could gear in to do over 40 mph but you will have slow acceleration. Or gear it for 30 mph and you will have a little of both. But if you have a multi speed transmission, you could get over 43 mph and have decent acceleration.

What is the power button on a Toyota Camry 95?

This controls how quickly your automatic transmission shifts to the next gear. The ECT is normally programmed to shift for fuel economy, resulting in slow acceleration. Putting it into power mode shifts gear for better acceleration while sacrificing fuel economy.

How do you put a traxxas RC ' car in gear?

the transmission is always in gear. if its not there is probably a stripped gear in the transmission.

What is the difference between gear lube and transmission fluid?

Gear lube is thick and meant to cling to a manual transmissions gears, one gear will bring it to the next to lubricate them all. Transmission fluid is hydraulic fluid and is pumped through the system of an automatic transmission, it is thin and red ( usually)

Why does your polaris quadrunner will not go into gear?

The linkage between the shifter and the transmission needs to be adjusted.

What is overdrive on a 2005 Jeep Liberty?

Overdrive is the most direct transmission gear ration (usually 1:1) which is the highest gear on the liberty's transmission. The O/D off setting is used primarily during hill climbs at high speeds when more acceleration/towing power is necessary.

What contain the transmission and the final drive gear assembly?

The transmission casing contains the transmission and final drive gear.

How much oil do you put in a manual transmission on a 2.2 liter Gmc Sonoma?

The GMC Sonoma 2.2 litre manual transmission hold 12 quarts of transmission gear oil. Keep in mind there is a big difference between gear oil and automatic transmission fluid.

Why won't your 1995 z28 won't reverse?

possibly a bad linkage between your shifter and your transmission, if that's not the problem its the reverse gear in your transmission