Transfer of title w duplicate title?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can transfer with a duplicate title depending on the reason.

If you bought the car, you can use a duplicate title "IF" you have a bill of sale.

If it is a family member's car, you might want to take them with you to the DMV.

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Q: Transfer of title w duplicate title?
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How do you get a duplicate title to a mobile home?

how do you get a duplicate title to a mobile home

Can a lien holder hold title when car is in Chapter 13 and you are trying to transfer tags from KY to TN. Our lien holder refuses to give me the title. I applied for a duplicate title.?

Your lien holder wants to be paid before releasing the car. You should consult with the attorney who is representing you in your bankruptcy. You cannot transfer title because you don't have clear title to transfer.

Is it bad to have a duplicate title for a car?

No, if the duplicate is legal, and not a forgery.

How long to get duplicate title in Illinois?

go to the dmv and tell them you want a duplicate title, it cost me 65 dollars

Can you trade in your car if you lost your title?

You will have to get a duplicate title from DMV

Where can you get a title if you lost yours?

You can get a duplicate title at your local dmv.

You need to get ford motor credit corp to sign off on a duplicate ca title how do you do this?

You can get a "request for duplicate title" form from the DMV website. You fill it out, mail it in to the DMV with the duplicate title fee $17.00 and the DMV takes care of the rest.

Get a lost title?

Contact your local DMV and request a duplicate title.

What about buying a vehicle with duplicate title?

A duplicate title can be issued if there was previously a bank that owned the vehicle, this can include a lease or a loan. Once the amount is paid in full, a duplicate title will be issued to person who signed the contract, with the exception of the lien holder listed.

Where can you get a lost car title?

duplicate from DMV

What is a 'pink slip' on car in California?

A pink slip is the common name for a Certificate of Titlein California.Related Information:In California, a Certificate of Title is required in order to transfer ownership of a motor vehicle. An Application for Duplicate Title can be used as an In-process device, but title must be established before ownership can actually be transferred.Copies of a Certificate of Title can not be used to transfer ownership of a motor vehicle in California.

How much does it cost for a duplicate car title?