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Q: Towing vehicles on the autobahn is allowed regardless of the distance you have to travel to get the vehicle to its final destination?
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What is a surfaced route for vehicles?

Highway, interstate, parkway, autobahn, gravel road, any road with a man made surface.

When estimating fuel requirements for vehicles you normally use for tracked vehicles and for wheeled vehicles?

Time, distance

All vehicles must stop prior to entering the flightline regardless of where they enter except for?

Emergency vehicles responding to an emergency

What is the 3 second plus rule in driving?

The 3 second rule (sometimes it's a 2 second rule) refers to the spacing a vehicle should maintain when following another vehicle, regardless of speed. The theory is that the faster the vehicles are traveling, the greater the margin of safety (spacing or distance) between the vehicles will be.

Do all vehicles run an equal distance on a liter of fuel?

NO !

Do heavier vehicles require a longer or shorter stopping distance?


Who sells cheap cars in the Boston area?

There are many locations to purchase cheap previously owned vehicles in the Boston area. You can visit Autobahn USA, Watertown Ford, Mirak Chevrolet, Grova Chrysler Jeep, or Boston Volkswagen Company.

At what distance are you required to dim your headlights at approaching oncoming vehicles?

1000 ft

Should the temperature be 195 regardless of how old the car is?

Pre-computer operated vehicles could run cooler if needed.

What should you do when following a vehicle?

Maintain a safe distance between vehicles. Never tailgate.

What is the legal distance between commercial vehicles on the highway in Ontario?

60 meters or 200 feet

When a large vehicles are turning one way to accommodate their needs is to?

use more following distance