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Be sure to keep the rear tail lights, brake lights and signal lights in good working order. To many times you see vehicles with lights missing.

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Q: To lower the risk of someone running into the rear of your vehicle?
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To lower the risk of someone running into the rear of your vehicle what should i do?

check your brake lights often to make sure they are clean and working properly

What should you do To reduce the risk of someone running into the rear of your vehicle?

towbar maybe or be sure that your tail lights and brake lights are in good working order.

Should lower headlight beams be used when approaching an oncoming vehicle or when to the rear of another vehicle?


Where is the oil filter for a 6.1 hemi engine?

Lower-back of engine (towards rear of vehicle). Accessible only by lifting the vehicle.

Where is the starter?

Depending on vehicle - usually at the lower rear end of the engine - follow the + battery cable

What is a height sensing proportioning valve?

It is a valve in the brake lines going to the rear of the vehicle. It adjust the amount of fluid flow to the rear brakes depending on the height of the rear suspension. The lower the suspension, the more weight in the vehicle, the more rear braking power is needed.

What is the most likely cause for the left front of the vehicle is higher than the right front and the right rear is lower than the left rear?

sagging right rear spring

Where is starter on 95 Chevy s10?

Rear, lower, passenger side of engine. it is best reached from under the vehicle.

Advantages of using vehicle body network system?

vehicle body networking is just a way to use less wire through-out the vehicle e.g instead of running a wire from the rear light to earth on the battery you just earth the rear light to the vehicles chassis.

Can you change the rear brake pads on a gr scenic 2010 if you chock the front wheels and keep the engine running?

It is not safe to work under the vehicle iff it is running.

What is the valve on the rear brake lines hooked to the rear spring on a 93 Plymouth voyager?

It's a height sensing valve. If the vehicle is heavily loaded the rear end sits lower and the valve allows more fluid to get to the rear brakes. When lightly loaded the vehicle sits higher and the opposite happens.

What is a bumper?

Front and rear part of vehicle that sticks out the furthest-lower part that hits any foreign object first

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