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Q: The trickiest and most difficult lighting occurs at what time while driving?
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Lighting occurs when?

During a storm or Thunder Storm or is it the same?

When is drunk driving most occurred?

most drunk driving occurs on the weekends

What do thunder and lighting have in common?

Thunder and lighting are both products of a thunderstorm. Lighting is a static discharge that usually occurs during a thunderstorm (though it can also occur in some volcanic eruptions) and thunder is the shockwave produced by lightning.

How lighting occur?

For example, in an old-fashioned (inefficient) incandescent light bulb, the electricity passes through a thin wire, heats it up, and this heat produces light. Newer light bulbs use a different mechanism for lighting.

The driving force behind plate movement is the process of that occurs in the mantle.?


How do wildfires start without human error?

If it is not started by human error or neglect then it usually occurs from lighting, or mother natures caused.

Is a late afternoon calmness and a yellow sky a good sign that there will be a tornado?

No. Strange lighting is not uncommon if a thunderstorm occurs around sunset.

What is the driving force behind plate movement is the process of that occurs in the mantal?

gradationconvection currents

Is driving with a dome light on legal?

The answer to this question will depend upon the jurisdiction in which the conduct occurs.

Will a short in vehicle wiring cause it to die while driving?

It depends where the short occurs.

In the state of Florida driving is a privilege and if one what conditions occurs you could lose your license?

driving while intoxicated under the influence of alchohol or drugs.

Lightning occurs when charges jump between what?

I don't know i searched this my self maybe this might help I'm having trouble answering this question on my homework!! Lighting occurs when charges jump between the ________________ cloud and the __________________ ground as a discharge.