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Q: The of the crash is dispersed in the crushing of the body and chassis of the vehicle?
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When kinetic energy of the crash is used up crushing the metal of the vehicle?


What is a chassis in a car?

a cars chassis is underneath and keeps the body, suspension and wheels all attached together. if the chassis wasn't there the car would flop about and eventually either crash or fall apart. Daniel from tda a car chassis is a frame on which the car is built wheels suspension cab and body are all attached to the chassis some vehicles have what is called a sub frame or sub chassis the this means from the firewall forward there is some chassis attached to the body of the vehicle the strength in these vehicle is built into the body itself this makes the vehicle lighter and cheaper to build but not as stout as a full chassis in thhe event of a wreck

A car crushing in a collision absorbs some of the force of the crash?


What year was the Volkswagen crash box transmission phased out?

1952 Chassis #318,830

How do safety cages prevent injury in a rollover crash?

It is a rigid frame that prevents the car from collapsing and crushing car occupants in a roll-over crash

A car crushing in a collision absorbs some of the force of the crash A True B False?

A: True

Was Garret A Morgon in a vehicle crash?


The first crash is the vehicle crash-when the vehicle strikes and object causing it to buckle an bend as it hits and comes to an abrupt stop?


How many collisions are there in a crash?

There are two collisions in a crash. The first collision is when the vehicle strikes the object and the second when the unrestrained occupants strike the interior of the vehicle.

How many collisions are in a motor vehicle crash?


How does a seatbelt work?

edjects you out of the vehicle in the event of a crash.

There are usually collisions in a motor vehicle crash?