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All of the above

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Q: The following signs will help you to spot a impaired driver A Driving too slow and weaving B Driving with the windows down on a cold night C All of the above?
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Is driving with the windows down on a cold night a sign of an impaired driver?

ANSWERThat absolutely may be the case.

IWhat are some good claptops for the visually impaired?

This article on computers for blind and visually impaired students focuses on ... The most popular screen access program is JAWS for Windows.

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Most are designed to help the impaired when turned on. For example, high contrast could help the visually impaired, and a higher font could too.

Do impaired drivers sometimes put there windows down?

Na. Old People don't like to break box.

Do impaired drivers drive with their windows open?

Sometimes, in the generally-futile hope that the cold air will keep them awake.

What consumes more gas driving with the windows down or driving with air conditioning?

theorically driving with the windows down will use more gas due to the disturbance to the car s aerodynamics

What is demist in driving?

It is the clearing of condensation on the inside of car windows

What are booting files of Windows XP and Windows 7?

The following booting files are required to start Windows XP: NTLDR, Boot.ini, and The following files are optional when starting Windows XP: Ntbootdd.sys and Bootsect.dos. The following files are required to start Windows 7/Vista: Bootmgr (Windows Boot Manager) and BCD (Boot Configuration Data).

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Windows home edition Windows 98 windows NT 4.0 workstation windows 2000 professional

Which of the following browsers is typically built into Windows?

Depends actually Windows xp ( IE7) Windows 7 (IE8l ( they ask to get IE9

Which Windows Operating system came first Windows NT or Windows XP?

Windows NT came first in terms of release date, as it was launched in 1993. Windows XP was released in 2001, almost a decade later. However, both of these operating systems were developed by Microsoft at the same time, with Windows NT being designed for business and professional use, while Windows XP was marketed towards home users. It is worth mentioning that Windows XP was actually based on the Windows NT kernel, which was known for its stability and security. Therefore, both of these operating systems have their own unique strengths and were tailored to meet specific user needs. In terms of upgrading to these operating systems, there are many options available online, such as Softwarekey4u. com. These websites offer affordable and easy-to-use upgrade keys that allow users to upgrade their Microsoft product key without any hassle. This makes it convenient for users to switch to the latest operating system that best suits their needs.

When driving with the windows down there is a thumping sound related to the windows being open while driving.?

When only the back windows are down, they make a thumping sound because of the air tightness of the car's cabin. Roll down a front window slightly and this will go away.