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The drive shaft connects the transmission to the differential.

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Q: The drive shaft connects the transmission to the?
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The drive shaft connects the transmission to the what?

The axle.

What car make has no drive shaft?

None. Every engine has a drive shaft, which connects to the transmission, and ultimately causes the wheels to turn.

What is a vehicle speed sensor drive gear?

Its the gear that connects the speed sensor shaft to the transmission

What does a car drive shaft do?

it connects the transmission to the rear end. by doing this to delivers power to the rear wheels

What is a drive shaft?

Rear wheel drive...connects the transmission to the rear end. Transfers power from the motor to the rear axle. Front wheel drive... connects the transmission to each front axle. Usually refered to as CV or drive axle. Same purpose. The drive shaft contains the rod that takes energy from the engine and transmits it to the drive wheels of a car.

How do you change u-joints on a 2003 dodge 3500?

there are 4 bolts on the upper drive shaft where it connects to the transmission and 4 bolts on the lower part of the drive shaft where it connects to the differential the drive shaft must be dropped to change a u joint and bolt back up the way it came off

In an automobile the drive shaft connects the transmission to the?

Differential, many times called the rear-end or third member.

Is the drive shaft part of the transmission?

The drive shaft is part of the drive train, not part of the transmission.

What does the rear tail housing do on a 46Re transmission?

Holds the Overdrive gears. On 2wd drive, connects to to drive shaft. On 4wd It is shorter and bolts directly to the Transfer case

What is the function of a transmission yolk in a truck?

the yolk is attached to the drive shaft by a universal joint. It slides into the transmission and allows the shaft in the trans to engage the drive shaft

What is the purpose of a dry shaft in a car?

there is no dry shaft oly a crankshaft in the engine and the drive shaft that moves the car the drive shaft is connected to the transmission and the rear axle if your car is front wheel drive ypu do not have a drive shaft just a transmission and two axles

What does the transmission power?

the drive shaft