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The answer is a loaded gun

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Q: The danger associated with the abuse of a vehicle is compared to the danger of what?
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Is it common to have epilepsy for abuse victims?

Epilepsy is not normally associated with abuse. It can, however, be associated with repeated or severe head trauma.

What factors may lead to danger and harm and abuse?

self-harmer/neglect alcohol and drugs abuse vulnerable group

How do you protect individuals with whom you work with from danger harm and abuse?

Go to the police.

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Unless he's a danger to the child or abuse, no.

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Well there is OWIs and DWIs for sure...

What is the best way to prevent vehicle abuse?

not owning a car

When can confidentiality can be broken?

If the person is in danger from someone else, a danger to themselves (self-harm, suicide), a danger of hurting someone else, or if the person is going to commit or has committed a serious crime (sexual abuse, murder, etc).

Which is in danger of becoming a semiarid desert?

Deserts are arid, nor semiarid. Semiarid regions are usually grasslands or steppe. The danger is that human abuse of these regions will turn them into true deserts.

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Not securing cargo before moving a vehicle would be considered abuse or misuse?

That situation would be considered negligence. Negligence can be considered abuse by omission.

Are there any disorders associated with substance abuse?

The list of mental and physical problems associated with substance abuse is virtually endless. From nutritional deficiencies to dental problems to neurological, emotional and psychiatric problems to memory lose and impaired judgment, to liver/kidney failure, substance abuse wreaks havoc on a body and serves to shorten lives.

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