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Yes, and in Oregon the parents may request DMV to suspend their minors driving privilege.

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Q: The court may suspend the driving privilege of a minor?
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When may The court suspend the privilege of a minor?

For running a stop sign

The court may suspend restrict or delay the driving privilege of a minor that runs a stop sign?

convicted of vandalism or being habitually truant.

Can your parents evoke your license?

If you are a minor, your parents hold the right to take your license away. You must abide by their rules to keep your license since driving is a privilege.

How long will driving minor violations be dropped off?

Minor driving violations will no longer be counted for insurance purposes after three years. In states that assign points for the privilege of keeping a license,the violations will drop off after three years of a clean record. The violations can still be seen in a record check.

Do you lose your license for minor in comsumption in moorhead Minnesota?

In Minnesota anywhere you will lose your driving privilages for Minor Consumption but if it was not while driving, you will have to be convicted in a court of the offense before your license will be suspended. If it was while driving, your license will be suspended immediately. On a first time offense, you will only lose your license for 30 days.

Are High School Athletics a right or a privilege?

It honestly really depends on the parent as a minor you are legally your parents property so to answer the question at hand it is a privilege

What is the traditional privilege given to workers at a brewery to drink free beer at work called?

The Sternewirth Privilege...minor spelling correction. Some books show it as sternwirth

Is it mandatory that a 16-year-old go to court for a speeding ticket if it is a certain mph over the speed limit?

Many states have regulations requiring that minors appear in juvenile court when they commit a misdemeanor. If the minor signed the ticket, agreeing to appear in court and comply with the law, it would probably be best to do just that. Failure to appear will result in a bench warrant. Further failure to comply will result in a visit from an officer to haul you to jail so that you'll be required to appear. If you refuse to obey the law, the juvenile court judge can get pretty nasty and suspend your driving privileges, among other options. Just do what you

What court do minor offences go to?

Minor offences typically go to a lower court, such as a municipal court or a magistrate's court. These courts handle less serious criminal or civil cases, and their jurisdiction varies depending on the region or country. They often handle traffic violations, minor infractions, or misdemeanors.

What Is the temporary withdrawal of a person's license or driving privileges?

suspension of drivers licence.

How much time do you get for 500 grams of marijuana in Illinois?

depending on previous charges any where from 10 to 30 years in prison

Can you sue a website?

Yes, but some minor websites are no. If it is like an answer on Yahoo! Answers, then you can suspend that persons account, but probably not sue them. Google would probably give credit, but if it does not im pretty sure that you can sue them in court or online court. If its a minor website, then maybe only online court, suspension, deleting website, or maybe even get them to give you credit. Just a side note- we do not allow posting about any non celebrity for any reason here. If someone has posted about you with identifying information contact any Supervisor to remove it and deal with that individual.