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You go to james valley!

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Q: The brakes on a car exert a frictional force of 6000 N in getting the car to stop If the work done by the brakes is 120 000 J in coming to a stop how many meters did the car travel after the driver?
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How do you use the word brakes in a sentence?

The driver suddenly applied the brakes.

Why is there a rubbing noise coming from the driver's side front brakes?

sounds like your brake caliper is sticking. This would cause the pads to be in constant contact with the rotor.

What is the air sound coming from the brakes?

That sound it the air being aloud to escape from the air system though the quick release valve. This usally happens when the driver has applied the parking brakes. But, it can happen during other times you dont want it to.

Why would your driver side rim get hot?

Rims get hot due to brakes getting heated. Most vehicles have disc brakes in the driver's side front. Disc brakes have 3 major parts, pads, calipers and disc rotors. If your brake pads have worn down you can be causing scrapes or scratches into the rotors. Heavily using the brakes can also cause the rotors and the pads to become "glazed" over due to heat.

Is driver responsible for pony death after driving through fence when he knew brakes weren't working?

The driver of a vehicle is responsible for the proper functioning of that vehicle. Even if you did not know the brakes were bad, the accident and all damages are the fault of the driver.

When braking a vehicle equipped with anti lock brakes the driver needs to?

The driver would need to step on the brake pedal when braking a vehicle equipped with anti-lock brakes. FYI, the driver would also need to step on the brake pedal when braking a vehicle that is NOT equipped with anti-lock brakes. Hope this helps.

What is the purpose of Anti-lock brakes?

To maintain directional control during a hard or panic stop. Think about it. If your brakes lock, you go into a skid and lose control of the car. Anti-lock brakes prevent the brakes from locking up, and throwing the vehicle into an uncontrollable skid. This system allows maximum deceleration without having the brakes lock, which, in turn, allows the driver the ability to maintain control of the vehicle while coming to the most rapid stop possible.

What forces act on a driver during a crash?

normal force, frictional force, applied force, gravitational force, air resistance force

What is the bleeding pattern for the brakes on a 92 Nissan Maxima?

i like to bleed them from rear passenger to front driver then rear driver to right front but if its abs brakes i was told to bleed both back then both front

How do you bleed brakes on 1996 Nissan truck?

Fill brake reservior to full and keep full thru out bleeding.Have someone pump brakes about 5 times and hold to floor,get clear hose and attach to bleeder screw on passenger rear,then driver rear,then passenger rfront,then driver front.Have other end of hose in glass container with brake fluid,open bleeder screw and watch for air coming out,continue until no more air is seen coming out,dont reuse brake fluid,discard.

What event was caused by the driver slamming on the car brakes to keep from hitting Jane?


How do you test Air brake for commercial driver's license?

You complete the written air brakes test, and perform your road test in a vehicle equipped with air brakes.