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Yes they could as I did back then, if you had held a provisional licence for 3 months you were allowed to drive without an instructor I then passed my test first time as driving on my own gave me more confidence

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Q: Suez Crisis implications for Learner drivers could drivers drive without instructor in car?
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Can you get finance for auto loan with a learner permit?

No you need to have a drivers license. It is illegal to drive a car without a drivers license and that is how the finance company looks at it.

Can i get my drivers license in nebraska without a learner's permit when Im above 18 Or is there some other way I can get my license without waiting 6 months?


If you go for a driver's license test in south Africa do you need to do it through a instructor?

No. A drivers license test can be done privately without the use of a driving academy.

Should you take a driver ed class or just a practice permit test?

Check your state rules. In Georgia you can't get a license if you are under 18 without taking a drivers ed class. You have to have your learner's permit, of course, to take the drivers ed class.

When are learner drivers allowed to drive on their own in the UK?

The only place a learner driver may drive without supervision is on private land (with the land-owner's permission) to which the public have no access. If the public have access to the land (for example: supermarket car parks) it is treated as a normal road under the Road Traffic Act.

If you have a Georgia learner's permit can you switch it to a California learner's permit without taking another test?

you prolly will have to but depending on state laws

What is a sentence using the word demonstrate?

The dance instructor will demonstrate a new routine for her class. The chef will demonstrate how to roll out a pizza crust. If you want to get a drivers license, you need to demonstrate to me that you can parallel park without difficulty.

Can somebody with Learner Driver license drive alone in Namibia?

Learner's licences in Namibia are like learner's licences in any other country - you're not permitted to drive without being supervised by a fully licenced driver.

In the state of AL is a learner permit needed if over the age of 18?

Yes and No. If you can pass your drivers test without one, then you don't need it. Learners permits are to give people experience behind the wheel before they attempt to pass the test.

When you get your drivers license can you drive with passengers?

I think they can, if they have guide to help them while they drive. Other than that, no. You should always wait until you're very comfortable with driving, and take comments from other people, too, to see how you're doing. In the UK, a learner must have a passenger (i.e. not drive alone), and that passenger must be over 21 years and have held a full driving licence for 3 years or more.

Can you drive alone with only a learners in south africa?

Yes - if you have a learner's licence you may drive a car with a friend, but there are some restrictions: - You may only drive the type of vehicle for which the licence is valid. - The friend must be a licenced driver - You are not allowed on freeways If you have a learner's licence for a motor-cycle, you may not carry a friend with you.

Is it legal if im over twenty and there is a legal driver with can drive?

Not without a learner's permit.