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Q: Slick or wet low traction surface makes it hard to control the speed and what of my vehicle?
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Slick or wet low-traction surface conditions make it hard to control the speed and what of your car?


What does ESP do to the vehicle?

traction control, it restricts the power to the drive wheels. Good when in slick conditions when your power wheels try to spin, the power is reduced so you can regain traction

What makes it hard to control a speed in slick or wet low traction surfaces?

direction or conditions or crashworthiness or visibility

In what walking conditions would Yak Trax come in useful?

Yak Trax is a traction control system. These would come in handy where a person is walking on dangerous ground such as ice and snow, or on an oily slick surface.

What is the purpose of the at hold switch on the 2000 Montero sports?

Vehicle starts in second gear rather than first for slick road traction.

Why are trail bikes tires wide and full of bumps and knobs?

To grip the dirt and rocks that they ride on. If you had a simple bike tire it would be like a slick surface against the moving surface of the dirt/mud and you would get no traction and by virtue, get no where soon :)

What is the s w rocker switch on the centre consol by gears?

This is the Summer/Winter selector. Mercedes C-Class cars have automatic traction control, and this switch is just their verslon of a sensitivity control. More slick in winter than in summer.

Why do people put grit on the ground when it snows?

For traction in order to make it safer so a person will not slip on slick ice .

Are plastic bowling balls good?

Yes, they are excellent for dry lane conditions and/or picking up spares. Their slick surface composition means they will not hook even if you put a lot of spin on the ball and so they will go where you aim them. On a dry lane the slick surface keeps them from hooking too much and allows you to control the ball better than a ball with a grabbing surface texture. == ==

Why is a sidewalk sometimes called a slick?

smooth or slippery surface

Why do drag racing tires have no tread - isn't tread supposed to increase traction?

In ideal conditions, dry weather, great road surface etc. slick tyres offer more rubber to the road therefore greater traction. Normal road tyres are a compromise, on any one trip your car may have to cope with sunshine, rain, sleet, snow, bad road surface, smooth surface, mud, and gravel. Manufacturers have to make a tyre that can cope with that. The result is the tyre on your car.

Will brake fluid leaking on motorcycle tires be harmful to the tires?

Brake fluid will make the surface of the tire slick, resulting in loss of traction. If left un attended for a long period of time, the brake fluid will "dry rot" the rubber and cause separation.