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There is nothing that says you have to use 4, it is only a matter of traction and that is all. Expert installers in California (they hang on the side of the road and help people w/their chains, and they are even licensed/registered) told me on a Jeep Liberty I had rented to keep them on the rear wheels, that it usually works better. They did give me a choice, they said that some people just prefer the front, but it is harder to drive when you hit dry stuff. But putting them on all 4 is just for better traction, so if really bad conditions, do it, but don't do it because of things like why you don't run different size tires, you don't have those problems as you are usually on slip-ground anyway, and you can't drive fast with them on.

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Q: Should you use 2 or 4 tire chains on an all-wheel-drive car?
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Should I equip my car with tire chains this winter?

It depends where you live, but tire chains will certainly be very useful if you live in an area where there is a lot of snow in the winter. If you decide to get tire chains, it is important that you chose snow chains that fit your car.

Is it OK to remove the drive shaft of a allwheeldrive car?

For flat towing, you pretty much have to.

We just moved up north, and are going to have our first snowy winter. Should we put tire chains on our car tires to help with traction?

If you are having a snowy winter and need traction for tires, a good idea is to use tire chains and it would work.

How many snow chains do you put on a car?

Tire chains are sold 2 per set . use on drive axles only.

What are rain chains and where can one find them?

Rain chains are for your tires to help make your car much more stable on very wet and slick road conditions. You can purchase rain chains at most tire stores that specializes in tire changes or rotations.

Where can I buy some tire chains for my car?

You can buy most tire chains at places that sell tires, like Les Schwab. Also look at auto parts stores, like Pep Boys or O'Rielly Auto Parts. Also, check Sears.

Where do the car chains go on the car?

Car chains are designed to aid the motion of the car during ice and snow. Therefore, they should be attached to the drive wheels of the vehicle. In other words, front wheel drive cars need the chains attached to the front wheels.

Should you use chains on an all wheel drive car?

sure why not

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How can I repair my cars tire?

If you want to repair your car tire because your car tire got a hole in it, then you should take it to Gilbert and Renold's Car Tires and Repair Shop. They will be able to repair your car tire.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2005 suzuki 0zark 250?

The recommended tire pressure should be on the actual tire. Tire pressure is not assigned by car, but by the different types of tires you can put on the car. You should find this information on the wall of the tire more towards the hubcap than the edge.

What is the lifespan of a car's tire valve?

The valve stem should last at least as long as the tire.