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In Illinois, what is the law concerning license plates taken off your car that you sold privately?

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2011-03-06 20:24:13
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Q: Should you take off your license plates when you sell your car?
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Can police take your license plates off your car?


How long does it take to get license plates in Illinois?

three weeks

How do you get a license to sell cars in Florida?

apply for and take a dealers license class

How long does it take to get license plates after purchasing a new car?

3 weeks

How long does it take to get your license plates for motorcycle in California?


How do you get license to sell auto insurance?

If you wish to sell auto-insurance in the state you want to work in then you should take an insurance license exam. Make sure that the exam provider is approved and accredited by different government agencies and certification bodies.

What is the law regarding passengers on a motorcycle when you first get your license?

If you have a full unrestricted license or a <25kw (33bhp) license you are allowed to take pasengers. a provisional license with L plates on no more that a 125 isn't

Can the police take your car plates parked in in mass my driveway?

The Plates are not 'your' plates, they belong to the STATE that you have registered your car with. If the STATE wants their plates back for any reason, they could have the POLICE get them from you by a number of ways.So to answer your question... Yes the POLICE can take the "STATE'S" license plates from your car if they are instructed to do so by the STATE.

Will a wrong license plate number on the title of my car cause problems when I sell it?

Not if the car belongs to you. The license plate isn't sold with the car. You take it off before you sell it.

Can Colorado state patrol take your license plates on a traffic ticket?

It depends on the violation. Some yes, some no.

What to do with old Texas license plates?

Contact your local County Tax Assessor / Collector's office where you renew your license / registration of vehicles. They will take them back and re-use or recycle them.

How long does it take to get a firearms lisinse?

That will depend on what license, and where it is issued from. There is no one "firearms license" in the US. A few states DO require a license to BUY a gun, most require a license to CARRY a gun concealed, and you must have a DEALER'S license to sell guns. It may take minutes, or months.

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