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I am no expert, but I would put only two new tires on my front wheel drive car, I always put the best pair in the front. I am not good with cars but 2 be honest i think you should put the 2 new tires on the back because the back wheels are the 1s that move the car and they need better mobility

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Q: Should you put the 2 good tires on front or rear of car?
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How should tires be rotated on 98 Saturn sc2?

front tires straight back rear tires crossed to the front

How do you rotate tires on 4x4 pickup?

Trade the rear tires to the front and the front tires to the rear. Every other time you do it, trade the right front tire to the left rear and right rear to left front

When driving in snow you should always put the chains on which tires?

The powered tires. On a front wheel drive car, the front wheels. On rear wheel drive, the rear wheels.

Does wheel alignment require better tires at front?

My van has bad tires at front and better ones at rear, should wheel alignment be performed with bad tires?

How do you rotate directional tires?

DIRECTIONAL tires stay on the same side of the vehicle Front to rear , rear to front

Replacing two tires - should they go on the front or back?

The new tires should be placed on the rear axle to lessen the risk of hydroplaning.

On a Honda Pilot SUV would you mount your best two tires on the front or rear?

The best two tires should always be mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

How often do you rotate the tires?

Tires should be rotated every 7500 miles for good even tire wear and tire life. Remeber only rotate tires front to back on the same side of the cross rotations. Example: right front goes to right rear..... left front tire goes to left rear and vice versus.

Do front or rear tires wear out faster on a rear-wheel drive car?


Do you put the snow chains on the front or rear tires on a 1999 Camry?

On the front tires.

1999 Camry - Do you put the snow chains on the front or rear tires?

On the front tires.

What is the best way to rotate tires when the rear tires are wider than the front ones?

You cannot rotate tires on a vehicle when the rear tires are wider than the front. They must stay where they are,