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Q: Should wheel spin freely on front of vehicle when jacked up?
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Should front tires spin when the vehicle is jacked up high enough that the tires no longer touch the ground?

If the vehicle is a rear-wheel drive, the tires should be able to rotate when not in contact with the ground - unless the brake is set to stop the rotation. If it is a front-wheel drive, the tires should not rotate unless the vehicle is in neutral - likewise if 4-wheel drive is engaged.

When you are talking about the front or back of the overhead console is the front the front of the van or the back?

Front should refer to the side closest to the headlight end of the vehicle.Front should refer to the side closest to the headlight end of the vehicle.

How do you park a vehicle in front of an aircraft?

Unless it is a service vehicle that is in use for maintanence, you should never park directly in front of an aircraft.

How far behind a vehicle do you have to be for it to be legal to have your brights on?

I think as long as you can see the vehicle in front of you, you should not have your highbeams on

What should you increase this to in poor weather?

The distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Where do you place jack on front of 2001 alero?

Should be on frame behind front wheels (side of vehicle)

How does front wheel drive work Won't both front wheels be pulling at once when jacked up front wheels off the ground?

n o

Where should flares be placed around a truck when necessary?

1) within 10 ft. of the front or rear of vehicle 2) 100 Ft. at the rear of the vehicle 3) 100 Ft. at the front of the vehicle

Can a turtle survive front of shell crushed by a vehicle?

why should i tell you loser

When another vehicle is about to hit you from the side and there is room in front of your vehicle you should do what to avoid the collision?

Speed up to avoid the collision.

How do you remove front calipers from a 2003 falcon?

In order to remove the front calipers from a 2003 Falcon check the vehicle owner's manual. The manual should be able to assist in any removals or repairs that the vehicle should need.

What fuel hoses go to which arrows on filter?

The arrows should point toward the front of the vehicle. Example. Front of vehicle <<< outlet (fuel filter) inlet <<< fuel tank