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Yes it should, its very important.

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Q: Should overdrive be turned on to save gas?
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Should you drive your car in drive or overdrive?

If it has overdrive use it! it is a "highway gear" it will make no difference what so ever until you get up to speed then it will shift into overdrive and save you gas!

Can you Tow automatic transmission cars?

If its a light load, if it will be frequently used its worth getting a transmssion cooler to save the trannys life. Its also a good idea when towing to drive with the over drive turned off. Overdrive isn't meant to handle a load, just to freewheel to save gas on the highway. Towing a load with the overdrive on can burn out the overdrive.

Does it save on gas when driving with overdrive off?

An over drive should enable you to save your fuel usage. It allows you to drive at the same speed, but using less revs, therefore you will use less fuel.

What direction should be gas regulator be turned to admit more gas into the barrel?

in what direction should the gas regulator be turned to admit more gas into the barrel?

What would make the Overdrive Off light come on in a 99 Chevy Tracker and how do you reset it?

you probably have a button or switch to turn overdrive on and off, it may be on the end of your shift lever, you probably want to keep the overdrive on, save you some gas, hope i helped

In what direction should the gas regulator be turned to admit more gas into the barrel?


Can you save gas in a jeep by driving in 3 instead of drive?

Typically "Drive" (4th gear on most vehicles) is your OverDrive gear (OD). Some vehicles have 5 and 6 gears. It is designed to run in a lower RPM range at higher speeds to save gas. The higher your engine is revving, the more fuel it is demanding and thus worse gas mileage. Unless you are towing, struggling up a hill, or need to increase speed without flooring it, you should leave the car in "Drive" or "OverDrive".

What car should you get if you are trying to save gas?

One with good gas mileage.

What are the uses of overdrive and when should it be used?

Overdrive is for highway driving, which is great for gas mileage. Also, not to use overdrive when going up or down hills because it makes your transmission work harder. That's what I was told anyways.

When should you use the over-drive on a 2005 Kia Sedona?

I would use the overdrive during normal driving. How ever if you need that little extra power then i would just turn it off. haveing the overdrive on all the time during normal driving " not pulling a boat or another car" should save you a little gas. just think of your overdrive as a half gear need more power go to the full gear

Do you have to have overdrive in a jeep wrangler?

On my 4 cylinder I very rarely used 5th gear ( overdrive ) but on long trips on level ground it could save some gas. My 6 cylinder, on the other hand loved 5th gear.

Is overdrive better for gas mileage?

no yes

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