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Not wearing seat belts at the time of collision.

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Q: Roughly half of all traffic fatalities involve which of the following?
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What is the Percent of fatality collisions involve alcohol when driving?

=== === Total Traffic Fatalities (California) 3,989 Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities 1,606 Percent that are alcohol-related 40.2% Total Traffic Fatalities (United States) 41,907 Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities 17,126 Percent that are alcohol-related 40.9%

What is the GDP cost for Traffic fatalities?

What is the cost of annual traffic fatalities of GDP

Pedestrians comprise about what ratio of traffic fatalities?

Pedestrians comprise of about one sixth of the traffic fatalities.

What percent of total traffic fatalities did motorcyclists account for in 2004?


How many pedestrians account for 1 in traffic fatalities in California?


How many traffic fatalities were alcohol related in Florida in 2008?


What day of the month most traffic fatalities occured in CA in 2009?


Alcohol was involved in percent of the total traffic fatalities in 2004 nationwide?


Leading cause of alcohol related deaths?

Alcohol-related traffic fatalities.

What percentage traffic fatalities involves person walking on street?

1 in 6

How many traffic fatalities happen within 25 miles of home?


How many car crashes were there in 2007 in Utah?

In 2007, there were over 61,000 reported traffic accidents in Utah with 299 traffic fatalities.