Roll up a power window with a bad switch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can by pass the switch, get wiring diagram and figuare out wich wires are for window motor you need rolled up, then remove switch and put power to wire that will make motor roll window up

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Q: Roll up a power window with a bad switch?
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Taurus 2001 window will not roll up?

electric window motor bad or switch is bad check the motor and see if its getting power if so motor is burnt up if not switch is bad

2002 impala window won't roll up?

bad window motor if electric or a bad switch.

What do i do if a Ford focus power window won't roll up?

If your Ford Focus power window won't roll up it could mean that the switch is bad. You may also need a new motor for the window. You should have it checked out to see if either of those things are the problem.

Why can't I hotwire the power window on my 1996 Tacoma to roll up?

You can but if the power window motor is bad it still won't roll up.

How do you tell if the window regulator motor or switch is bad?

Use a test light to see if the motor is getting power. If it is then motor is bad. If it is not getting power "jump" the wires on the switch to see if window will operate, is so switch is bad

Why won't the power window go down on a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

the window switch is bad

What are the reasons power windows will not roll down?

The motor for the window could have gone out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Faulty switch. Circuit breaker bad. Motor has expired. Requlator jammed. No power to relays. Y-THINK-Y

What causes passenger power window not to operate but others do window motor okay 1990 Camry?

The switch could be bad at the passenger seat. The switch could be bad at the passenger seat.

What if your window switch is drawing too many amps?

Either the power window motor is bad or the window is binding in the track mechanism.

How do you fix power window 2003 Chevy pickup?

remove door panel check to see if you are getting power and ground to motor. If so, bad motor--if no power to motor, check to see if you have power to switch if so ,bad switch--if not bad power feed to switch close but if the switch not on, you never get power to the motor.

Why doesn't the passenger side power window work on my 2000 F150?

Your switch is bad or the window motor has gone out

Is there a way to tell if the power window switch is bad or if it the motor for the switch?

remove switch from where it is mounted using a wire , bridge the connections.if switch is bad, it will work the motor while bridged