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Neither, it should stay the way that it is!! Final!!

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Q: Remove and replace a starter on a Toyota 4 runner 2004?
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To replace a starter on a 97 Toyota 4 runner do you have to remove the exhaust manifold?

No you do not have to remove manifold. It is a tight fit to get starter out and then back in again,,,have patience and play the wiggle game,,g luck have fun.

How do you replace a 2000 Toyota 4 runner driver's side mirror?

how to remove a passenger side mirror on a 2000 toyota 4 runner

How to replace starter in a 1998 Toyota 4 runner with a 4 cylinder?

Should be the same as any 4 runner. Check my posts, I have answered it several times.

Where is the starter located on a 1999 Toyota Four Runner?

The starter is located on the passenger side of the motor rignt under the manifold. You can access it from underneath, or remove the right tire, and you can get to it as well.

How do i remove a Windshield washer pump on a Toyota 4-runner?

How do I remove a windshield washer pump from a toyota 4-runner 1988?

How do you replace the alternator on a 1996 Toyota 4Runner?

how to replace alternator on Toyota 4 runner 1996

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1985 Toyota 4 runner?

Passanger side, above the starter. You have to remove the starter (don't detatch any wireing, just the 2 bolts). Once you have the starter out of the way, you can remove the fuel filter. Good luck, it's a PAIN!

How do you reset alarm on 1998 Toyota 4 runner?

The Toyota 4 runner will not start, it sounds like it is going to and it will not, the starter, spark plugs are fine?

Why is your 1995 Toyota 4-runner not turning over with a good battery?

Do you have any click in the starter itself but still not turning over? Then its the starter giving you fits. Replace it. If no click is heard then it could be a fuse or more likely the starter relay. Check them both before moving to the starter.

How to Get starter off 94 Toyota 4 runner?

easiest is to take off the front wheel and do the job from there

How do you replace a thermostate on 1993 Toyota 4 runner?

where us it located and how to change it.

How do you remove rear differential cover on 2001 Toyota 4 runner?

you can't.