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probably a loose wire. When you rev the motor it slightly changes the angle so it has contact.

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Q: Rear window demister only works when i rev the motor?
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Wire to rear window demister on merc 190e?

300 e w124 rear window demister

Where is the rear demister on a Subaru legacy?

The rear defroster (demister) on a Subaru Legacy is built into the window. The lines going across the back window are actually the defrosters. If the vehicle is equipped with a rear wiper, the switch for this should be located below the radio and heater controls.

Your rear window demister will not work you have checked fuse that's ok connections on side of window looks ok did work then just stopped light comes on button?

A pillar garnish cooperates with a center pillar to define there between a space which serves as a demister duct for conveying hot, dry air directed from a side demister nozzle to a rear side window.-...Yasar Arafath

What is a rear demister?

demister is the same as defogger

Why won't Rover 45 rear window demister work?

Check the fuse, behind the drivers storage cubby (below and to the right of the steering wheel). Check the connection of the wiring to the rear window. Examine the demister circuit covering the rear window for any breaks. This is the usual place for any faults. A circuit board mending pen can be bought from electronics stores, that may repair faulty demister tracks. (Rover 400)

Where do you find switch for demister for rear window of a 1998 corsa breeze?

the blower control switch pulls out

What is rear demister?

I would believe a demister is actually commonly know as a rear defogger. A long coil that loops the rear window that heats up to remove condensation caused by the interior of the car being colder than the temperature outside the car. Think of it this way: A glass filled with ice-water will have moisture on the outside of the glass. Imagine if you warmed the glass to the same temperature or higher than the air around it, the moisture would evaporate. The rear demister works in the same way. The lines going across your rear window is actually a single thin piece of metal with wires attached on either end. When electricity is applied, the metal heats up warming the window.

What is the button for on the dash that shows the back window and a squiggly line on your 2006 KIA Sedona?

IT SOUNDS LIKE ITS THE REAR WINDOW DEMISTER (HEATER) you wont notice it working unless your rear window is fogged up or icy. CMK

Where is the switch for the rear windscrean demister on a 1999 12v vauxhall corsa?

In my corsa you need to pull the middle switch out. The one that adjust the power of the ventilator... It actually has a little sign of back window demister on it.

Can you replace your front passenger window motor with the passenger rear window motor?


How rear window defogger works?

Some rear window defoggers are filaments built into the rear window that heat up when the rear defogger is turned on. This type of window should not be scraped with an ice scraper.

How do you replace rear window motor in Honda Odyssey?

The rear window motor on a Honda Odyssey is replaced by removing the cover screws, disconnecting the wiring harness, and unbolting the motor. A new motor can then be put in place and bolted in.