Rear tire pressure when towing rav 4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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rear tire pressure 2009 rav4 towing 3000 lbs

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Q: Rear tire pressure when towing rav 4?
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Where is the Toyota rav 2004 tire pressure sensor on the car?

the tire pressure sensor is usually the valve where you inflate or deflate your tire. it is made complete with valve

How do you reset the tire inflation light on a 09 RAV 4 after the problem has been fixed?

fill up all the tires at the recommended tire pressure and then there should be a small button low on the dash below the steering column that you press and hold with the vehicle running that should reset the pressure on each wheel

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2004 Toyota Rav 4?

Most SUV's you can put 35lbs of pressure in al 4 tires. But if you want exact check your driver side door panel and look at the sticker inside it will tell you the manufactor's specs.

How do you replace the rear bumper cover on a 2010 rav 4?

Very carefullyJimmy out!

Tire size for 1998 Toyota rav 4?

215/70R16 or 235/60R16 depending on what model

How do you turn off a 2004 Rav4 tire pressure light?

Hold down the tire air pressure button adjacent to the stearing column for 3 seconds , after you correct the tire pressure in all four tires. That is correct. I found my problem to be the spare tire. Check all tires for the correct pressure! On My Toyota Rav 4 I had to have all the doors closed. Then I turned the key to the "On" position, pushed the rest button for 3 seconds and the light went off. Then turned key off and started the vehicle. All done. Just make sure all doors are closed.

How do you remove the Toyota rav 4 spare tire cover?

my 2007 spare tire cover was removed just by gently tugging and sliding it off, helping the elastic stretch over the tire as I pulled.

Why are Toyota Rav4 15K rear tires severely cupped and the front have excessive wear even though rotated?

My front wheel drive Toyota Rav 4 rear tires are severely cupped and the printout from the wheel alignment says that the rear wheel alignment is within specification. Plus the dealer told me that the recall for the rear wheels does not effect this problem. Also the standard procedure for the recall shows that the nuts for the rear wheels alignment adjustment were torqued correctly from the factory and therefore the rear alignment has probably not moved since the factory. I am a newly retired engineer and my opinion based on the information I have is that cupping of both rear tires plus excessive rear tire noise is a problem with the Rav 4 Toyota product.

How do you remove the rear door panel on a RAV 4?

How do i turn off low tire pressure light for 2007 Toyota Rav 4 after ensuring tire pressures are ok?

scan obd and determine which presure transponder defective and replace with new or used one. Could have been damaged when tires were changed, they are very vulnerable during tire removal and install precedures. You must drive vehicle more than 5 miles per hour to reset light if light does not go out then check pressure again. then think about replacement of defective or damaged part. defect rare Also check air presure in spare tire!

Where can one purchase tires and wheels for a Toyota Rav 4?

Most local tire shops can sell one tires for a Toyota Rav 4. Wheels can be found at the Toyota web site. Street Dreams sells higher end rims and tires.

Where is the lug nut wrench on the 2002 Toyota Rav-4?

I have a 1997 RAV4 and the wrench is in a bag inside of a compartment in the passenger side rear of the vehicle. Get to it by opening the rear hatch door.