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The engine will not start or run.

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Q: Problems with putting diesel in petrol engines?
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What is the difference between petrol and diesel engines?

diesel engines doesn't use spark plug but uses heater plug.petrol engines produces more torque than petrol engines but petrol engines produces more acceleration than diesel engines.petrol engine is faster to be heated than diesel engine.

What are the defferences between dessel and petrol engine?

Petrol & Gas engines are spark ignited engines where as diesel engines are compression ignited engines. Petrol engines works with explosion of fuel air mixture due to spark from spark plug inside the cylinder. Diesel engines works with combustion of fuel air mixture due to compression, compressed mixture attains a very high temperature which exceeds the flash point of diesel and starts burning inside the cylinder and the hot gases after burning of fuel misture exerts force on piston which makes the diesel engines work. Diesel engines are highly efficient than petrol engines.

Is the petrol engine is costly thab diesel engine?

No, diesel engines cost more to build than petrol engines. They are built much heavier.

Why is petrol not used in diesel engines or diesel in petrol engines?

Because the engines will not run with the wrong fuel to to their design. Although both diesel and petrol engines are internal combustion engines, they have differences that enable them to use these different fuels. A petrol engine ignites the fuel/air mixture by using a spark plug. A diesel engine in contrast has no spark but compresses air during the compression cycle. When air is compressed it heats up. Diesel is then injected into the cylinder and it ignites.

Differences between petrol and diesel engines?

sic difference between Petrol and Diesel engines that the difference of fuel and their diesel we only compresses the Air and sprays Diesel but in Petrol Engines we compresses both the air and Petrol together and gets burnt with the the help of spark given by the Spark plug. I must add this, also the thermodynamic cycle is so different in diesel engines rather than petroleum engines. You can fined more in Reed's series volume 12

Which gives more mileage petrol or diesel?

Diesel engines normally get better fuel economy than gasoline engines.

Which one having high torque petrol or diesel engines?

Diesel engines have much more torque at low rpm.

Can you use a diesel battery in place of a petrol battery?

Batteries are basically the same for petrol or deisel engines, but diesel engines require more cranking force and demand a bigger battery. So a battery from a diesel engine is ok for petrol, providing it fits.

Putting dIEsel on a petrol moped?

You will have to clean out the tank.

Will putting petrol in a diesel engine car and starting it damage the car?

Yes, putting petrol/gasoline in a diesel engine and running it will cause severe damage to the engine.

What is the symbol of glowplug on a petrol engine for?

it could be for the spark plug, petrol engines dont need glow plugs, diesel engines do

Why do you need to bleed a diesel?

Diesel engines work in a different way to petrol in that they work on pressure to ignite warm diesel as opposed to petrol engines which have spark plugs. in order to work, there can be no air, air wont ignite!!