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It all depends on your state law. Most states do not allow any flashing lights that are the same on emergency vehicles. So you have have to look under your state laws regarding vehicles.

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Q: Orange flashing lights on your car legal?
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What color flashing lights for my truck?

In almost every state it is against the law to put flashing red lights on your car. You though put flashing white lights in most states.

How far does a car have to be from a railroad track with lights flashing?

15 Feet

Had work don on a vw passat hazard lights keep flashing when locked?

Why do my hazard lichts keep flashing when car is locked

Are car under body lights legal in Oklahoma?

its legal if you are not driving.

Name something a police car has but your car doesn't?

Siren, Flashing Lights, Bars, Two Way Radio, Computer

What are the dashboard warning lights for 2007 Toyota Avalon?

red flashing light that is car symbol what is it for

Are under car neon lights legal in Kentucky?

yes they are legal. i have green neon underneath my car

Are under car neon lights illegal in Kansas?

No. It is legal only if the bulbs are NOT red OR flashing. also the bulbs can not be showing. Other than that your fine. Im putting blue streetglow on my 05 mustang.

Security light flashing car wont start?

Security lights flashing on a car that won't start indicate that the system has partially disabled the vehicle. The security system must be reset to allow the vehicle to be driven.

Are blue hazard lights street legal in the state of Maryland?

unless I'm wrong anything blue flashing is illegal on the car especially driving, i made mine blueish white and haven't gotten a problem with them

Are car led lights legal in New York state?


Is it legal to have neon lights on your car in Missouri?

it is illegal technically but most police officer wont bother you as long as the lights are not flashing or alternating between colors. it also depends on the officer some might be in a bad mood at that time and make a deal of it. others will point and think its cool.

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