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It sounds to me that as you move the suspect bulb to another socket the light intensity goes with it. Remove the bulbs and look closely to determine whether they are the same manufacturer, type, and wattage. sounds like there is a bad ground on the headlight assembly of the one that makes the light dim

I had the same problem, I even got a new bulb to try, switched fuses etc. In the end I cleaned the female connectors with a toothbush and rubbing alcohol. Then I made sure to wiggle it back and forth many times against the male terminals of the bulb to get a nice a connection. Viola! Works fine. It was only a bad connection. Should've thought of that before buying a $20 replacement bulb I didnt need.

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Q: One headlight is brighter than the other but even when you switch out the headlight that is dim with the one that was bright the one that was dim is now brighter in the other headlight?
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Had the same problem with mine. Jiggled the headlight switch and now they work. I suspect the headlight switch is going.

What is a relay when it comes to your lights?

its really a heavy duty switch that is told to come on or turn off by some other signal eg your existing headlight switch if you dont use one you will burnout the headlight wiring

99 Chevy s10 one headlight is much brighter than the other headlight to TS swapped headlights still the same problem im i missing a ground connection on the bad headlight?

Sounds correct-- clean all connections and perhaps run a ground wire from headlight body directly to ground for test

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Why would 1992 Camry instrument panel lights not work not the fuse other items on this fuse work?

Dimmer switch (rheostat burned out?) Headlight switch?

Why don't the head lights work on my 1966 mustang all other lights work?

I would guess the headlight dimmer switch on the floor board is bad or has a loose wire. Possibly the head light switch is bad. The headlight switch has a separate circuit breaker for just the head lights.