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i please the engine is not running good and if you accelerate the engine is not accelerate and the code is p0171

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Q: Obdh fault codes po171 system too lean bank1?
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How bad is a P0343 and a P0171 codes for a 2000 kia sportage is this an easy fix and will be expensive?

po343 is camshaft sensor 1 bad and po171 is bank1 sensor bad, in English po343 cam sensor is mounted on back of engine and hard to get to, the po171 is bank 1 o2 sensor easy to replace.

What is fault code PO171 in Chevy S-10?

System to lean (bank 1). There is a good chance you have a vacuum leak under the hood.

What is po174 and po171 dtc codes on a f250 v10 Triton?

P0171, system too lean (bank 1). P0174, system too lean (bank 2). Start with checking for a vacuum leak.

Your ford ranger runs rough and you have engine codes po174 and po171 please help?

leaking intake gaskets...

Obd 11 code descriptions 2001 ford escape po171 po174?

PO171 = system adaptive fuel too lean (bank 1) PO174 = system adaptive fuel too lean (bank 2)

What does po171 mean for 1999 ford f150?

system to lean bank one 02 sensor ?

What is diagnostic code P0171 mean for a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

po171--- system to lean (bank # 1)

What does the check engine code PO171 mean?

P0171 System too Lean (Bank 1)

Check engine po171 Lexus Rx 300?

Fuel injection system, fuel trim to lean (bank 1)

Po171 trouble code for 2007 Chevy Equinox?

Trouble code P0171 Means: System too lean (bank 1)

What does po171 code mean on 1999 Ford contour 4-cylinder?

Code P0171 means System to lean (bank 1)

99 mercury cougar V6 codes are p1744 Transmission p0420 Catalyst efficiency Below threshold bank 1 po171 system too lean bank 1 and p0174 system to lean bank 2 any ideas how to fix this?

Check your EGR valve or see if there are any vacuum leaks. Other than that, no special ideas.