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Stop the car!

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Q: Never do what on or near a railroad track while driving?
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What are 5 locations where it is illegal to pass another car while driving?

on theshoulder of the road on a hill to the right of the car ahead on a railroad track when there is a solid middle line

Can police track large amounts of money in your vehicle while your driving?

yes they can. They have special devices that can track.

Can you lose a toe from chewing on straws?

Unlikely ... unless you do your chewing while walking on a railroad track with your eyes closed.

When can you use a cell phone while driving?


Why does steering wheel wobbles while driving at low speed?

Unbalanced wheels or a bent track rod

Who won the great railroad race?

The Union Pacific laid 1,087 miles -or 1,749 kilometers- of railroad track, while The Central Pacific only laid 690 miles (1,110 kilometers) of track. Due to an agreement of the U. S. government, both railroads had to lay as much track as possible in order to claim the adjoining land. The Union Pacific laid the most track, and there for they won.

How can texting while driving be a good thing?

It is never a good thing.

Is drunk driving worse than texting and driving?

Studies show that drunk driving and texting while driving both have around the same number of wrecks, injuries and deaths, which means they are equally dangerous, and never an okay think to do while driving.

Can heroin effect your driving?

are you seriously asking this question?......... ALL DRUGS affect your driving... Never drive while under the influence!

What was a underground railroad?

The Underground Railroad wasn't a railroad at all, It wasn't even underground. The UnderGround Railroad is a series of houses and shelters where people take care of slaves when they are trying to escape from freedom. And it was hell. Picture escaped slaves running for their lives while their "owners" sent out execution parties fully equipped with weapons and dogs to track down the escaped slaves.

One percent of railroad crossing crashes result from people driving into the side of a train?

One percent of railroad crossing crashes result from people driving into the side of trains while the rest involve the train hitting cars. This is due to the trains inability to stop without considerable advance notice and distance.

What do you if your car stops on a railroad crossing?

If someone is with you put the car in neutral and push it off the tracks while watching for the approach of a train. If you see a train coming run as far away from the car as possible. If you see or hear no train you should be able to push it off the track unless you are by yourself. Never get into this situation by never stopping on the tracks.