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which road connected Ohio with the east_

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ridge roads

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Q: Named after a cloth roads consisting of logs laid side by side were called?
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Why are roads called roads?

Because they are roads.

Are all roads named after poets?

No, not all roads are named after poets. Roads can be named after a variety of people, places, historical events, or local landmarks. Poets are just one of many possible sources of inspiration for road names.

What are the blue ridge mountains named for?

"The blue ridge mountains are named for the color that the mountain range turns in the early morning. There is a country song that mentions these mountains as well called ""Country Roads"""

Which Indian has the most numbers of roads named after him?

narayan murthy

How many roads are named after Walt Disney?

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Why does oliver cromwell have lots of roads named after him?

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Roads with lines of logs that looked like corduroy cloth?

They are called corduroy roads. The purpose of this road was to enable wagons and artillery to travel in areas that were prone to wet weather or low swamp areas so they would not sink in the mud. They also aided infantry and cavalry to travel easier as well.

What were the roads called constructed by placing logs together?

Log roads

Which roads in Lane county are named for early pioneers?

whoever this is figuer this out

What is Another Name For Country Road?

Country roads are also called back roads or byways. Depending on how they are paved, they may be called dirt, gravel or blacktop roads.

What were the roads called that were constructed by placing logs close together?

corduroy roads

Do street names get their names from the founder of the street?

Though streets and roads do not officially have a "founder", they are often named after important individuals in the area. Streets and roads can also be named after prominent wildlife, number, or significant landmarks.