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Q: Name something that your neighbor has that your jealous?
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How would you use the word jealous in a sentence?

Jealous is an adjective, so you would use it to describe a noun. For example, I am jealous of my neighbor's new car.

What does You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor?

it means that you should not be jealous of anything that belongs to your neithbours.

What is the birth name of Ben Jealous?

Ben Jealous's birth name is Benjamin Todd Jealous.

What is the verb for neighbor?

The verb for neighbor is "to neighbor," which means to live or be situated near someone or something.

When living in an apartment name something you hear your neighbor do?

Fighting Talking Watching tv Partying Vacuuming

What is the Neighbor's name from Hello Neighbor?

Bride of Frankenstein

What do you do when a friend is jealous?

here is what i would do. First, don't talk about something similar to why he/she is jealous. then only talk about them. they never want to her about you when they are jealous

Name something you'd want to see in the yard of a neighbor you dislike?

Dog Doo Weeds For Sale Sign Police

What does jealous mean?

Jealous means envious or wanting something someone else has. 'He was jealous of his brother's good fortune.' Sometimes it means you are protective of what you already have. 'The lords were jealous of their privileges.'

Why are some jealous?

People are jealous because someone else is getting something or even someone that they cannot get.

How do you use the word jealous in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.She has always been jealous of me.He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body.Don't be jealous because he has more toys than you do.She was surprised to find herself feeling a little bit jealous.I am very jealous of my neighbor's new car.the girl was jealous because her friend got a puppy you might not like this sentence so here is another onethe boy was jealous because his friend was smarter that himGlad you are enjoying the mud i am feeling jealous.

What part of speech is neighboring?

"Neighboring" is an adjective. It describes something that is situated close to or next to something else.