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Cadillac, Suv, Corvette, Truck, Mercedes, Camaro and Hummer.

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Q: Name a vehicle that people drive that makes them feel like they own the road?
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If two people are on vehicle loan and only one person on title can the other person register the vehicle?

It makes no difference whose name appears on the loan, the vehicle can only be registered in the name of the person named on the title.

Give Name and location of beaches where you can drive a car or a motor vehicle?

You can drive your motor vehicle various places in Nags Head, North Carolina on the beaches.

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You can have a vehicle registered in your name. If your licence is suspended, you simply can't drive it.

What is the name of the insurance that allows you to drive any vehicle?

I am pretty sure it is comprhensive.

What is the name of the insurance when you don't own a vehicle but have a valid drivers license and drive other people's cars?

liability insurance, see North Carolina

How can you drive a car without the title?

A bill of sale for most states should allow you to drive the vehicle to and from the DMV - if the registration is current you can chance driving the vehicle around until you get new plates in your name - if the vehicle is already in your name file for a duplicate title - if the vehicle is not in your name but was abandoned - file for an abaondned title and the DMV will send a letter to the last known owners.

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This is not a state specific question. If you are given permission, then you are covered. Note: you can only drive a rental vehicle if your name is on the rental agreement.

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if the title is still in your name yes.

Can the registered owner of a vehicle and the name of the insurer of the same vehicle be different people?


What is the name of the vehicle Scooby Doo travel in?

The Mystery Machine is the car that Scooby and the gang drive

What is the name of the vehicle that brings the books to the people?

The 'BookMobile' .

What is the name of the plastic gear that makes the odometers work?

Speedotomoter Drive Gear

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