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younger man

Lives with parents

no job

no car

goofs around

no money

baby face

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Q: Name a reason why a man might seem too immature to date?
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Name a reason why you might suspect that your blind date is actually a robot?

voice stiff movement made of metal no emotions no personality

Name a reason you might not call a date the next day even though you like them?

nervous sick lost number busy too soon

Name a reason why your date might not invite you inside?

Family Feud 1) Messy House 2) Body Odor 3) Lives with parents 4) Tired 5) Not interested

Why do men say women were too young to date?

They acted to immature/young.

Did Batista and Kelly Kelly date?

In an interview he said he dated her briefly, but that she was too immature.

Can you name a reason a girl has for turning down a babysitting job?

Answer is B - Date/Plans

If you are a 12years can you date a16 year old?

It depends on how mature you are or how immature they are. Follow your heart and you will be happy.

Can a fourteen year old date a twenty year old?

There is no legal reason they couldn't date. However, sexual contact might be illegal depending on the state or country you are in.

Would sterling night ever date a fan?

He might if you spell the name right

Name something an employer might ask her boss?

raise, day off, promotion, date

Name something that a employe might ask his boss for?

a raise day off promotion date

Is it okay for a sophomore girl to date a senior boy?

I think its cool to date a boy older. It makes you look more sophisticated and it shows that you dont want to date immature boys younger than you.