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windows; wipers; engine fan; heater; windshield washer; anti-lock brake booster pump

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Q: Name 6 devices that use electric motors in a car?
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Where do you find dc motors?

Examples of DC electric motors are the starter in your car and the motor in a DC controlled elevator, to name just two.

Which is the only electric sports car?

The TESLA MOTORS roadster is by my knowledge the only electric sports car as of now

What electric motor does an electric car use?

A electric car uses either a DC or AC motor. Typically they use DC motors.

What car companies are bulding an electric car?

Mitsubishi, General Motors, Toyota and Tesla are all building electric cars.

Are the emerson electric motors powerful?

The Emerson electric motors may be able to move a full sized car but not at a reasonable rate. There are better options for this.

Is there a fix for your electric RC car motor?

It depends on what is wrong with it, but electric motors can usually be repaired.

Why do car companies not invent a hybrid car with two electric motors rather than one petrol and one electric?


Buying Cheap Electric Motors?

If you want to save money on your car, then why not turn it into an electric car? One way to go ahead and do that is to purchase a new motor. There are some motors that are being sold out there that will transform your car into an electric car. You will save a lot of money on gasoline if you decide to go ahead and switch the motor in your car.

Place for information on electric vehicle motors?

Here is an article with lots of information on electric vehicle motors. It should be of some help!

Where can I get an exploded view of a car to see all electric motors inside?

Contact the manufacturer.

How are magnets used in cars?

There are magnets found in most electric motors which are throughout your car eg electric window motors. They are also in your alternator. I assume that they are also used in the needles on your dashboard too.

What is unique about a car made by Tesla Motors?

It is completely electric, with no petrol/diesel engine at all.