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That engine isn't a lt1 it is a gm goodwrench crate 350 with 2 or 4 bolt mains made in Mexico. I have the same engine in my astro van and i have heard that they make 250 hp and 350 ft/lbs of torque out of the crate.

No,its not an LT1 as they are aH.P.engine built from 1970/1972.It is a Goodwrench crate engine,very common aftermarket.The casting 10066036 is known as the LM1,which was manufactured until 1988,the crate engine comes in many variations,but it is a 4 bolt main,2 peice rear.No matter what! it is an excellent motor low end.I run mine stock with 650marine Holley,sag,manifold,250/270 as it is.

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Q: My block casting numbers are 10066036 Is this a LT1?
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My block casting is 10125327 what is it?


You have block casting 10066036 GM crate the dealer told you it was an LT1 it is 4 bolt and has raised pistons does anyone know for sure what it is?

Your casting number is listed at this address: It is a targetmaster crate motor and can be used as a replacement for many oem applications.

Is a lt1 350 the same as a 1976 350 block?

The block, itself, for the LT-1 in 70, was nothing special, other than a 4 bolt main cap. Now, the serial numbers, and casting date will be different, and will eliminate any "numbers matching" type of thing, but, other than that, if the 76 is a four bolt main, then yeah, they are the same.

How do you tell if you have an Lt1?

If your spark plug wires go to the front of the motor and behind the water pump, 99.9% chance its an LT1 (if you're talking the newer LT1. The Older one from the 60's you'd have to run the block numbers)

Is The casting number of 14093638 a lt1?

What type of engine is 14093638

Will Chevy LT1 cylinder heads work on a 350 block?

lt1 is a 350

Will Corvette LT1 heads fit on any Chevy block?

it will fit on any Chevy SMALL BLOCK of the same generation of your LT1

What heads does 10208890 casting numbers match?

Chevrolet L99 "baby LT1" 4.3 liter 265cid V8 cast Iron heads from a '92-'96 caprice or impala

What cars will lt1 motors fit in?

An LT1 will fit into any car that a Small Block Chevy fit's into.

Can early Chevy 350 heads fit a 96 lt1 block?


What size engine does a 2005 Corvette have?

350 Ls1 or 350 lt1 but the Lt1 has a cast iron block and the ls1 have a all aluminum block there fore the ls1 block is lighter. "but the make the same horsepower

Can you use a vortec intake on a lt1 block?

Regardless of the block, you have to use Vortec heads to use a Vortec intake.