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If your referring to a stereo amp. DONT turn it back on until You CHECK THIs.......This happened to me once. The problem that actually blew my receiver was this.....The wire terminals on the back of the speakers were tightened to the point that the contacts on the inside of the speaker cabinet were touching.EX. Red wire was touching the Black one. You cant see this because its within the speaker enclosure. you need to open up the speaker cabinet if possible, and check the prongs that have soldered connections on them. If they were twisted to tight from the outside of the speaker( while hooking your wires into screw type connectors), the whole wire terminal may have twisted around inside the cabinet, causing the prongs to come in to contact with each other, causing a short that can blow an amp if the amp goes into protect mode to many times. if this is your problem, then just open em up tighten up the terminals and make sure there not twisting into each other when you insert and tighten your speaker wires from the outside of the cabinet. Hope this helps.

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Q: My amp keeps going into protect mode ive broken it down and it only goes into protect when the input is hooked up what all could be my problem here?
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