Muddin' and what for do we do it?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It ain't always what I say. Sometimes it's what I mean! To understand him, you must become him. Know my thoughts!!!

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Q: Muddin' and what for do we do it?
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Is muddin fun?

YES!!I LOVE IT !!ITS SO FUN (im a girl) me and bf go muddin every month

Can you go muddin on Grand Theft Auto sa?

There are no direct ways to go muddin or drive in the mud on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or GTA SA. Players can drive across a variety of terrain but no areas are specifically setup for off-road driving.

What is a mud digger?

it is a country boy that goes muddin and digs in the mud

How can you tell if your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee has four wheel drive you brought it from a used car dealer and it does not have a owners manual?

Go muddin'! If you get stuck, well...

How do you hint to a guy you like him apart from flirting?

First you tell him that you really would like to go muddin'... then you go and totally mess him up with your class and style, then lastly you make out with him until he's in love with you =3

What is the 0-60 for a Isuzu ascender?

I would jokingly say 3.5 years but i belive the 2006 4.2 Inline 6 is around 6 seconds. Its a SUV thus not built for speed but for versatility! So slow off start but power in mid range and torque for pullin and muddin!

Is an ATV considered a motor vehicle?

Legally, yes it may be considered a motor vehicle. But then again it is not designed to be driven on public roads so in that sense it is not a motor vehicle. Most states do not consider it a motor vehicle and it is illegal to drive one on a public road.When talking about alcohol and the law and ATV is a motor vehicle and if you are drunk and driving your ATV you can get a DUI. This is on or off the road; even if you're out muddin' in the woods (I don't know why a cop would be out there anyway but still).

What are the disadvantages of leisure?

Some very important issues in leisure are those that deal with environmental degradation. This could relate to water scarcity and water-based leisure (like swimming), or soil degradation resulting from too many visitors or vehicle leisure (like biking, four wheelers, "muddin'" in trucks, etc.). Also, travel and the pollution it causes.

Im an 18 year old guy and you hang out with a 14 year old guy who you have known all your life and we go muddin and stuff he is like a little brother to me and my mom thinks i should not hang with him?

My best friend is 6 years older than me. Its sometimes difficult because we argue but I really enoy his company. If I were you I would tell your mum that your age difference doesn't matter and that you are close friends and she can't stop that. If you think that your age difference doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter to your friend, or his parents, then you have no reason to stop being friends with him.

How do you become a redneck?

Live in Boston suburbs or New Hampshire and drink iced tea like alex \ well actually i am a redneck. i don't think you can become one... you need to be born one. i ride horses, break horses, wear work boots everywere. i sound like a redneck when i talk and i act like one. i don't think rednecks are dirty poor white people, because i ain't like that...but im a redneck. i go muddin fishin, 4-whillin and all that stuff. i geuse you gotta be born one to be one

How much would 1 truck cost?

new it can cost 30,000 n up, for a beater, probly about $1,100 to $3500, fer a nice lightly used pickup good tires, low milage n all the good stuff probably lookin at $6,000 to $10,000 also dependin on what company ye buy from too... chevy silverado 1500's brand new cost $22,195, ford f150 is about $22,000 n ram 1500 is about $30,000. AND what your usin it for too, if ye need somethin for farm work, id getta chevrolet 1500 extended cab, 8 ft bed pickup($2,500-3,500), if its for muddin and huntin (outdoor rec.) id get a new or close to new chevrolet 2500 extened cab($29,910), then your gonna have to lift it n put some 40's on it, or if you just want a purdy truck to take traveling or show off, id get a new ford f2/350 quad cab($35,000)...

How many miles will a Chevy Blazer last?

i have owned 4 s-10 blazers years 94 96 98 02 and 1 04 trailblazer.94 tuned port 4.3 liter 190,000 miles then handed down to my cousin still ran who knows how was given to me from grandpa well maintained but well used hunted plowed snow hauled trailers a real work vehicle then we took it off road muddin and hill climbing great truck never a rebuild just basic 96 was throttle body vortec and that's how they stayed until the 4.2 liter trailblazer came along.the 96 ran for 240,000 miles before it got lifter noise and i bought it with 105,000 used with unkown history of vehicle.just did top end with heads gaskets and seals and ran the thing to near 300,000 miles before selling it and i could have just replaced lifters but i went for the whole top end instead.the 98 ran just as well as rest and at 178,000 miles i had to change the sunshell in transmission and then it was good for 240,000 miles before i sold it.and cant knock that too much because i moved to Arizona and did alot of rock climbing so the trans took a beating.02 i still own it has 144,000 miles no repairs just maint not a whole lot of off road anymore.the trailblazer was a smooth great ride i just didnt like it as much as a gmc Denali so i traded it in general motors 3.8 4.3 5.7 6.0 6.2 ect are great engines and i get along with em just fine so there ya go.