Move car from state to state?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, you can move a car from state to state. The state will require you to register the car with that state and pay any fees associated . Each state gives a grace period to register the car, so check the state DMV for timelines and forms. I imagine you can find that online for the state where you are moving to.

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Q: Move car from state to state?
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Can a co-buyer move out of state with car?

A co-buyer can move out of state with car as long as car payments are current. The co-buyer should update the new address with the lender.

How do you move to another state?

By car/ train/ foot

Can I buy cheap car insurance in California and then move to another state and have it still apply?

No, you must change your car insurance when you move

Can your car be reposessed if you move to another state?

Yes, your car can be repossessed. I ship cars for a company that repossesses cars out of state all the time.

If a contract was signed in Chicago IL can the car be repossessed in any state?

Yes, your car can be repossessed in any state if your contract was signed in Chicago. You can not move to a different state and keep your car without paying for it.

If you move to a different state and want to change your insurance do you go to new driver status in that state which brings your premiums up?

Rates vary from state to State, so if you move and register your car in that state, the rates will change.

What happens if up you stop paying your car loan and move to a different state?

It is a felony if you take the car across state lines and you are no longer paying on your loan.

Can the repoman find you if you move out of state?

yes the wil notfi that stat to get your car in that stat

If a car is registered and insured in a new residence state can the car still be insured and registered in the old state just in case you move back?

not in any state or thru any insurance company I know of.

When you are involved in a crash are you supposed to move your car?

It depends on what state you are in. In most states, you are required, by law, to move your vehicle out of traffic if you are able.

If you are purchasing a new car but do not have a driver's license how do you move the car from the lot?

I am not aware of any state that will allow you to buy a car without a valid drivers license.

What happens if you lease a car and then move to another state?

Nothing changes as far as your lease goes.