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Q: Most passenger car tires have built-in tread wear indicators True or false?
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How do I know when I need to buy new tires?

There are tread wear indicators that are in the tire itself. When the tires need to be repalced theese indicators show.

How do I know when my tires are worn down and I need to replace them?

Tires have molded indicators called "wear bars." If these are visible across the tread pattern, your tires need to be replaced.

Hard soil tires out joints of a horse true or false?

This would have to be false.

The order of magnitude for the number of tires on a bike is zero true or false?


Are inner tubes allowed in passenger tires?


The difference between light truck tires and passenger tires?

Typically the load carrying capacity of the tire.

Before you get in your car what should you do?

check that it is your car and check all the things such as tires indicators lights and did i mention to check that it is your car

What kind of tires does Nexen make?

Nexen makes tires especially for passenger tires. They are cheap and made from Korea. They are not so bad though, tried it for one of the vehicles I have.

What is the main benefit in getting trailer tires over regular (passenger) tires?

Trailer tires are designed to be used specifically on a trailer. Using any other sort of ire including a passenger tire could prove to be very dangrous,and will create a geater risk for accidents.

Who makes maxxis passenger and light truck tires?

Maxxis Tires are made by Cheng Shin Rubber, one of the largest manufacturers of tires in the world. They are based out of Taiwan and have passenger and light truck tire factories in Taiwan, China, and Thailand. They also produce ATV, motorcycle, lawn and garden, medium truck, and industrial tires.

What kind of vehicles are Wanli tires for?

Wanti tires are for use in passenger vehicles and of broad variety of light trucks. The tires supply as high performance in summer winter as they are in winter.

Do all the tires on a passenger car have to be the same size?