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Q: Maria Described The Color Of Her Car What Type Of Observation Is This A Quantitative B Statistics C Numerical D Qualitative?
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Define Quantitative Observation?

An observation that is observed in large quantities.

What does quantataive and qualitative mean?

quantitative property is what can be measured and described in numbers qualitative property is what can be observed and described in words. :P

What is the definition of qualitative knowledge?

There are basically two kinds of observations that scientists make, which are described as qualitative and quantitative. A qualitative observation gives you a general description. For example, a particular substance might be observed to be a liquid, blue in color, in a bottle. Quantitative observation involves measurement. For the same substance you might discover that it weighs 1.098 kg, that it has a temperature of 23o C, and by pouring it into a graduated cylinder, you could determine that it has a volume of 1.3 liters, etc. Qualitative observations don't involve numbers, and quantitative observations do.

What is an observation that cannot be described or expressed in numbers?

A qualitative observation. For example, your gender, or the colour of your eyes.

What is a qualitative observation?

A Qualitative Observation is an observation that uses the five senses. sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. An example of this would be: "This tree has bright green leaves that have soft bumps on them." The opposite is a quantitative observation, which is measured in numbers, such as the weight or length of an object. For example, 5 pounds or 100 inches. For instance "The stratosphere begins 40 kilometers above the surface of Earth."

What are the different type of observation?

An observation is something noticed directly by your senses. There are three different types of observations. A qualitative observation is an observation about essential attributes of an object. For example, color, shape, texture, etc would be examples. A quantitative observation is an observation that can be described or measured in concrete numerical quantity. For example, weight, temperature, height, length, and mass would be examples. two types of observation: participant & non-participant

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative data in statistics?

Quantitative data is data that is relating to, measuring, or measured by the quantity of something, rather than its quality. ex: the number of people in a townQualitative data is data that can be captured that is not numerical in nature ex: the color of people's skin.Thus, essentially the distinction is that quantitative data deals with numbers and numerical values of what is being tested, where as qualitative data deals with the quality of what is being tested.Qualitative data's description cannot be describe in numbers. Quantitative data's description ca only be described in numbers.

Were aristotle's predictions of heavenly motion quantitative or qualitative?

Aristotle's predictions of heavenly motion were qualitative rather than quantitative. He described the motion of celestial bodies in terms of their natural behavior and relationships rather than using mathematical equations or measurements.

What is a observation?

A quantitative observation is data that Is described using numbers. Ex: there are 10 ounces of water There are 3 dogs in the house This weighs 90 pounds

What is a quitative observation?

A quantitative observation is data that Is described using numbers. Ex: there are 10 ounces of water There are 3 dogs in the house This weighs 90 pounds

Would smell be a qualitative or a quantitative property?

Smell would be qualitativeQualitative: Properties that can be described, but not measured (i.e. colour, texture, smell, and sound.)Jxoxo

What is the different between quantitative and qualitative measures?

Quantitative measures are numerical data that can be measured and expressed in terms of quantity. Qualitative measures are non-numerical data that are observed and described based on characteristics or attributes. Quantitative measures are used to quantify and analyze data objectively, while qualitative measures provide insight into quality, emotions, perceptions, or behaviors.