Leaking fuel hose near tank how to repair?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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replace it with a new original part. Using unoriginal hoses are ok, but make sure that it's the right dimensions and fuel-proof quality

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Q: Leaking fuel hose near tank how to repair?
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Why is a 98 f150 leaking coolant near firewall?

If its inside the cab at the firewall, its probably your heater core which is located on the passenger side under the dash. This repair is usually not much fun. If its leaking in the engine compartment near the firewall, its probably a heater hose that is failing. This is an easy repair

Can you fix a leaking fuel line connection without replacing the entire fuel line on a 1997 Buick Regal 3.8 FI where the return fuel line is leaking at the fuel line fuel rail connection?

In my experience, you can splice in fuel hose where there are fuel line leaks in some, if not most scenarios. BUT if it is in a dangerous area, like near exhaust engine etc, you should probably replace metal with metal. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

What is the fix for a low pressure fuel leaking from a small plastic tube near the top of the pump?

The fix is replacing the leaking part.

Water leaking from a plastic tub on the top near the raideator?

get a new hose or tighten the old one up

You have coolant leaking in large volume from somewhere near the fan assembly on a 1998 Chev pickup Any insights?

leaking in large amounts? i would check a cracked hose.

What is the name of a hose near radiator expansion tank that goes to the firewall. It is leaking antifreeze at some T junction. Need the name so I can get the part replaced.?

heater hose?

How do you change the water hose under the intake?

What's under the intake is not a hose, it's a pipe which a hose attaches to behind the intake manifold near the firewall. If the hose is leaking, it's a relatively easy task to replace it. If the pipe is leaking, you will have to remove the intake manifold which is not an easy task (minimum 6 hours to remove and replace the manifold!)

Antifreeze is leaking behind the enigne of your villager van?

The leak is most likely coming from the heater core or a heater hose near the fire wall.

You own a Chevy 305 it is leaking water from in between valve covers under carb near distrubutor is this a head gasket?

NO NO, That would be a intake gasket leaking, not a head gasket. You also should check where the heater hose hooks up on the intake, it may be leaking.

My 89 Camaro 6-cylinder shut's off while I am driving I thought it was the fuel pump but now I am thinking maybe the thermostat and or water pump The radiator hose is leaking near the water pump too?

crankshaft sensor. 10 to 20 dollars to fix.

Where near crank pulley on 1990 Toyota V6 24 valve 4 cam engine be leaking coolant?

water pump .(gasket,intake,hose)

Air was sucking near the one of the fuel injector in ECHO 2000 car How you can solve the problem?

Was the air sucking through a loose hose? On my 2000 two-door I simply out the hose back on and move the hose clamp to a point where it would grip better. My alternative repair is to replace the hose clamp if the hose continues to slip off even after adjusting the stock hose clamp. Correction on the last answer. The air would not be sucked through the loose hose - it's actually sucked through the hose connector on the engine component (fuel injector system) after the hose slips off. The advice on the hose clamp is still good advice if this is the type of problem you are having - a loose hose that normally connects to the injector system.