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about 17 but what ever you do don't go over 19.8 cause that's when the main berg holder starts to gunk and diffuse everywhere. that 1.9 cdti is super awsome tho. i found that i really like the jet-xz chip tho it really boosts my inter connecting reciprocating relay time. It increases it by about 3 mega-bogins. Hope that helps yeah. Im from norwayvilleston so sorry about the herepes

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Q: Just brought a jet v-chip for my Astra 1.9 cdti 120bhp is it any good will it damage my engine and how much more bhp would i get?
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If the timing belt on a 1.6 astra snaps does it damage the engine?

If the timing belt on a 1.6 Astra breaks, it can damage the engine. It is more likely to damage the engine if it is a timing chain, though. A timing chain is made of metal and a timing belt is made of a heavy duty rubber.

Why does car not start after timing belt has slipped on vauxhall astra mk4?

If this engine is an interference engine it may have done damage to valve, piston, or head. Or the timing is off so far that the engine will not start. Install a new timing belt correctly and start the engine. You will then know if any damage was done.

What damage is done when timing belt breaks on vauxhall astra 1.6?

This is an interference engine. The valves normall collide with the pistons when the belt breaks. Damage is usually bent valves, and sometimes broken valve guides also

Is the gearbox oil separate from engine oil on 2002 1.4 Astra?

The gearbox oil is separate from the engine oil on a 2002 1.4 Astra, and much thicker.

How much does a complete Astra engine weigh?

A complete Astra engine weighs around 350 pounds, or 158 kilograms. An automatic transmission is about 400 lbs or more.

What american car has an opel engine?

The Saturn Astra does, but that's just a rebadged Opel Astra. The Buick Verano also does, but it, too, is a badge engineered Opel Astra.

What is engine oil capacity on astra 2.0 diesel 51 reg?

vauxhall astra 2.0 tdi,what is engine oil capacity+what type of oil is best to use pls

What engine oil do you need for astra 2.2 sri 02 plate?

10/40 or 5/40 will be fine for this Astra.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1997 Opel Astra?

On my Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8v engine. The thermostat was on the left hand side of the engine behind the rear timing belt cover were the coolant hose leaves the engine to the radiator. hope this helps

How much hp does a 1.4 astra have?

Do you mean the Pontiac Astra, the sister to Chev Vega? 2300 cc engine, if so, 90 hp.

Where is the egr valve on your 1.7cdti astra 53plate?

The EGR valve on the 1.7CDTI Astra 53Plate is near the throttle body. It is on the driver's side of the engine.

Where is the engine number on a 2002 1.6i 16v vauxhall astra?

It is in the front