Is there more money in painting cars or collision repair?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Starting salary's for both occupations is about the same. Starting average approx 30K Yearly. Custom painters can probably make a lot more if there good!

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Q: Is there more money in painting cars or collision repair?
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Where can I find information on a collision repair?

Well, collision repairs are services offered to repair damages left on cars after accidents or collisions. They are also offered for an incredibly reasonable price.

How much money do you make for painting cars?

It depends on how much customers u have and how much u would get paid for each car painting.

Can you give me a sentence that has the word collision?

2 cars had big collision ;-)

Is dent repair training worth the money?

It depends on what sort of dents you want to repair. If you were repairing dents in cars or something else worth quite alot of money it would be.

Find the Right Collision Repair Shop?

When you are involved in an accident, the first thing you want to do is have your car repaired so that you can use it again. The right collision repair shop should be affordable and have the ability to repair your car within a reasonable time frame. Check With Your Insurance Many insurance companies are affiliated with specific collision repair shops. The customers of the insurance company may receive a discount if they have their collision repair work done through the affiliated shop. Talk with your insurance agent about your options regarding local collision repair shops. Even if there are no specific affiliations with your insurance company, your agent will be able to recommend repair shops that have done a good job with other clients he or she has sent for repair work. Insurance agents deal with collision repair daily as part of their work, which makes them excellent sources of information. Use a Specialist When Necessary There are some collision repair jobs that require special skills and knowledge to repair properly. If you have an older car, for example, you will want to find a repair shop that understands how to restore and repair the materials that older cars are made from. These shops will also have access to parts that are made to fit older cars. The majority of collision repair shops only deal with cars that were made in the last ten to twenty years, which limits them when it comes to working on a vintage car. Get Several Different Estimates Do not settle for the first estimate you receive from one collision repair shop. Call around and get estimates from several different locations before you make your final choice. You may find that the price quotes vary a great deal from one shop to the next. Part of the price difference may include craftsmanship, so the lowest price is not always the best option. But you should find out if you are being charged a much higher rate than you could be charged from other shops. Talk with each shop about their reasoning behind the rate that they quote you so that you will understand why the rates are different.

Why does a high-speed collision between two cars have more damage than a low-speed collision between two cars?

There is more kinetic energy in the collision involving the high-speed cars than there is in the collision involving the low-speed cars, resulting in a greater amount of force exerted on each car, prompting more damage.

What services are offered by the Body's by Brown company?

Body's by Brown is an auto repair company that offers to repair any damaged or broken cars for a fair price. This ranges from fixing up a scratch, to a total repair after a collision. For more information about this company, check out their official website.

A sentence with the word collision?

There was a big collision at the gas station, it made the cars fall apart!

Why a high speed collision between two cars would cause more damage than low speed collision between the same two cars?

There's more force exerted in the high speed collision.

Why would a high-speed collision between two cars cause more damage than a low-speed collision between two cars?

There is more kinetic energy involved in the case of a high-speed collision.

How do you get angels to fix cars how do you enter a request?

you pay money to a person at a car repair shop and they will fix your car

Why a high speed collision between two cars would cause more damage than a low-speed collision between the same two cars?