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*Correction - Reduced back pressure does usually result in more horsepower. Some cars run with resonators rather than mufflers which reduces the noise without as much back pressure, thereby increasing horsepower.

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Q: Is there more horsepower running without a muffler?
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Can a bigger muffler give more horsepower?

no it doesn't but power flow out to waste

Can you drive without a muffler on 02 Dodge Ram 1500?

Yes, it will not hurt the engine but you will more than likely get a ticket for loud noise.

How are horsepower and thrust related in a jet aircraft?

The more horsepower you have, the more thrust you will be able to produce. The more horsepower you have, the more thrust you will be able to produce.

You can upgrade your 318 dodge engine for more horsepower?

Easiest/cheapest way for a few more horses are an upgraded performance carb/intake (Holley/K&N, etc) and a less restrictive exhaust (high performance muffler, etc). Then they start to get more expensive - superchargers/turbos, etc.

Which direction do you install a muffler that has an A arrow and a B arrow?

muffler, what direction do you install arrow A and B ?The A - B are direction of flow for the exhaust. If this is an aftermarket muffler. The muffler should be installed with the "A" towards the engine, and the "B" towards the rear of the vehicle.Read more:

Where is the governor plate on a Roketa 50cc scooter?

not for sure but with some scooters they restrict them with the muffler you may be able to take the muffler off drill out the inlet side of the muffler to allow more air flow

What causes a car to get louder the faster I drive and How do you find out what is causing it without paying a lot of money?

you might have a problem with your muffler have a look at it and if its hanging then it needs to be welded back on but if its not then you just need to add a muffler cap to it to help muffle the sound even more you can get one a Auto Zone

How much does it Cost to replace muffler on Jeep Liberty?

Approx $410.00 with a tailpipe included without tax. This is how its usually repaired as the tailpipe is not easily separated from the muffler. The labor to separate and reuse the old pipe is nearly as much if not more as the new pipe. They are usually replaced together for that reason.

My 03 gmc sonoma 4.3l if you cut off from the muffler back and weld on a different muffler will it make the computer through a code?

if you are using a higher flow muffler, it will not throw a code unless you put on a muffler that is more restrictive than the stock one (good luck with finding or even making one more restrictive) it will not throw a code.

How much watts does a garage use?

Garage door openers have a "starting watts" and "running watts" ratings. A 1/4 horsepower generally has a starting watts rating of 1,100 and running of 550 watts. A 1/2 horsepower opener uses 1,400 starting watts and 725 running watts. These are general ratings and to be more precise you would need to know the brand, model and other information on a specific opener.

How do you make a vehicle sound like it has more power?

Remove a muffler.

How can to make a flow master more quiet?

By replacing it with a quieter muffler.