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A Mongoose

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Q: Is there anything that snakes are really afraid of?
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Is Shawn Johnson afraid of spiders snakes or anything?

Yes, she doesn't like spiders, snakes, or bugs in general.

Is Demi Lovato afraid of snakes?

Snakes are afraid of Demi Lovato

How do you use afraid in a sentence?

I am afraid of snakes.

Why does snakes afraid of the fire?

why do you afraid of fire.

IS Zak Bagans afraid of anything?

Heights, Snakes, Dolls, and little bit of Sharks but that is it just those 3

What eagle is not afraid of snakes?

Most eagles, if not all of them are not afraid of snakes. A lot of eagles eat snakes.

What creature an ophidiophobe afraid of?

ophidiophobe is afraid of snakes

What is Cody Simpson afraid of?

He's afraid of snakes

What is Wilson afraid of?


What was Columbus afraid of?


'Indiana Jones' is afraid of what kind of animal?

He is afraid of snakes.

Why are insects good for snakes?

They're not really ! Snakes don't eat insects (apart from one species that eats termites) and insects don't do anything special for snakes.