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Home Depot does offer rental trucks, however, they aren't moving trucks. You can rent a truck from Home Depot as long as you have a drivers license and insurance. For a moving truck try Uhaul or Penske.

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Q: Is there an age requirement for renting Home Depot truck?
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How much does renting a Home Depot truck cost?

The cost to rent a home depot truck will highly depend on several factors such as your location, how far you are traveling, and the gas prices in your area. You best option is to shoop around.

Where can I find out about Home Depot truck rental?

The best place to find information on Home Depot's truck rental service online is at the Home Depot official website. Currently, Home Depot offers truck rentals for $19 for 75 minutes or $69 a day.

Can we hire a truck from Home Depot?

You can easily find out where the nearest Home Depot truck rental outlet is by visiting the official Home Depot site. You will have to enter your postal code and they will provide you with the nearest locations with this service.

Rent a Truck from Home Depot?

Did you know that you can rent a truck from Home Depot, even if you are not using it to haul items from the store? Home Depot will rent trucks to their customers for a small fee. The trucks are a great way to move a piece of furniture or a large item that you cannot fit into your car. You can even rent the truck by the hour if you only need the truck for a quick job. If you need a Home Depot truck rental, be sure to call ahead to reserve a truck.

How much does it cost to rent a carpet cleaner at Home Depot?

The price of renting a carpet cleaner at Home Depot is about $18 for four hours. The amount increases the longer you have it.

Does Home Depot rent wet and dry vacuums?

The Home Depot in Glendale AZ does not have their renting policy posted on their website. Thus it is assumed that this company location does not rent out vacuums.

What is the cost to rent a truck from Home Depot?

One can rent a truck from Home Depot. Howe's truck rental costs $19.95 for an hour. Uhaul costs $100 or so. One just need to check with different company for the duration and size of the truck.

What is the name of the thing what they use at Home Depot to lift things?

Reach Truck

Find pickup truck aluminum tool box?

Northern tool, lowes, home depot

Does Home Depot sell affordable moving blankets?

Home Depot moving blankets seem to be priced reasonably, and sometimes Home Depot has coupons. If you are moving, usually you can rent moving blankets for an additional $20 from moving truck companies such as Penske and Budget.

What can one purchase at Home Depot?

Home Depot sells many items needed for home repair and improvement both inside the home or out. If a sink needs to be repaired, Home Depot has the tools and parts. If it needs to be replaced Home Depot has a selection of sinks to meet each homes needs. For outdoor landscaping Home Depot carries many seasonal items. If you are unable to install any item yourself, Home Depot can provide the assistance needed. Additionally if you can't take your large purchase home, most Home Depot stores offer a flatbed truck for rental.

What are the pros and cons of renting a home?

The pros of renting a home, is that you are not tied down to that one residence. The cons of renting a home, is that you'll never own that residence.