Is there a one wheel drive car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well.. if your talking about a car with four wheels, yes there is a steam powered car that exist that had a one wheel drive but uhhh that didnt work very well it mostly made really big circles but realistically no there are none that are made today that have one wheel drive unless your talking about a motor cycle then yes there is a one wheel drive... that's it

In reality almost all cars on the road are 1 wheel drive. One of the wheels is driving the car at any time. Almost all front wheel drive cars have an open differential meaning per axle the power will go to whatever wheel has the least resistance, so if one wheel slips then that wheel will receive all the engines power. However more automakers are adding traction control to more of their vehicles meaning that if a wheel slips then the brakes will activate on that wheel therefore transferring power to the other wheel giving you significantly more traction Some vehicles will have limited slip differentials which mechanically will allow one side to spin only so much faster then the other.

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Q: Is there a one wheel drive car?
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