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No. However, a receipt from a failed inspection is equivalent to a ten-day extension from the date of said failure. No other extensions, no grace period, other than the grace of god or the kindness of the officer who pulled you over.

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Q: Is there a grace period for an expired inspection sticker in the State of NY?
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How long after expired inspection sticker in the state of Texas can you drive?

They give you a 5 days grace period for Inspection sticker . If you just google inspection sticker grace period it will take you to the information.

How much will it cost you for an expired inspection sticker in the state of Virginia?


What should you do if the carlot sold you a car with expired inspection sticker?

If you bought a car with expired inspection for the state you live in, take it back to the lot immediately. It is illegal for them to sell a vehicle with expired inspection that is for road use. They will have to have it inspected, probably at your cost.

How much is fine for expired inspection sticker?

That depends on the law in the jurisdiction. Each state sets its own penalties.

Is the emission sticker required prior to performing a state inspection in PA?

a Pa state safety inspection sticker CAN NOT be applied prior to the emmissions sticker

What are Il laws for out of state expired license plate sticker?

If it is expired in one state it is considered to be expired in ALL states.

Is a code enforcement officer from a local government permitted to write a ticket using the NYS Vehicle Traffic Law Section 306B for expired inspection or must they use their own section?

Expired inspection sticker IS a state charge, there are no local jurisdiction ordnances that equate to it.

Which states require a vehicle safety inspection?

All state require some kind of state inspection sticker

What color is the 2013 state inspection sticker in ma?


Did the state inspection sticker change color?

it depends on what state u r in so........

Can a dealer sell a used car without a state inspection sticker in Texas?


What is the penalty for an expired car registration a state inspection and emissions in Pennsylvania?

About $85.

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