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There are several ways to connect your iPod to a car audio system.

The least expensive is an FM transmitter and they can be found on EBay or most electronics stores for a very reasonable price. Connect an Ipod or other music player and they transmit the signal on an FM signal that can be received by the car radio. They work well as long as you can find a frequency that does not have a broadcast on it.

Next, many stereos in later cars have a connector to plug in an MP3 player. These car stereos can also be bought and installed into most cars. A car radio and CD player with this connector can be found for $50 or more.

The most effective way to use an Ipod in a car is ti have a car stereo that has a full Ipod docking station. The display on the dashboard allows easy control. Some very new cars have Ipod docks already installed and a few more expensive add on car stereos have them. You will expect to be spending several hundred dollars for a stereo with an Ipod dock.

Replacing a car stereo can be relatively straightforward if you have a little experience and the right tools. It can be difficult without the experience and without the tools. If you choose to replace the stereo in your car, you might want to consider having it fitted by an expert.

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Q: Is there a device or equipment that can be used to play an iPod in your car while your driving?
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